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Written by Write Right PR Services

Here are some of the press releases we have done in the past month. 


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Press Release for Pinelands Creative Workshop

We were pleased to work with Pinelands Creative Workshop for the launch of their historical course- Social Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Transformation. Our team wrote the Press Release which was featured on Barbados TODAY as well as did the official photography at the launch. 


Press Release- Gabrielle Gay

Our company was pleased to work with Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Ambassador for Barbados Gabrielle Gay as her official Public Relations Officers. 

After sending her press release to local and international media, she was featured on Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, The Barbados Advocate, and Barbados TODAY.

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Press Release- Benn UP!

We were pleased when our client  Desirée Benn contacted us to write a press release about her family's secret rum punch. This article was definitely one of our favourites as her father passed down his signature recipe to her in order for her to start her business Benn Up! Her article was featured in local online newspaper Barbados TODAY Inc.


Kiwanis Club of Barbados South

Write Right PR Services is pleased to be the official PR company for Kiwanis Club of Barbados South. 

We recently wrote a press release about their donation to the National Disabilities Unit for International Day for people with disabilities which was featured in Barbados Today's online newspaper.

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