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Wilson No Longer A Prisoner: Born To Win

Victorine Wilson is the debut author of No Longer a Prisoner: Born To Win a book that stemmed from a debate she had with a young gentleman.

“I realized that the young man was not able to relate to certain issues plaguing many young people that were in that predicament. Bearing that in mind I wondered how many people were suffering in silence while others did not understand their predicament. From that moment I put pen to paper. Prior to writing the book I knew from a child I wanted to help people but was not sure how at the moment. In 2003 I joined the CASA ( Coalition Against Substance Abuse)TEAM at that time. It was later renamed the Centre For Counselling Addiction Support Alternatives. There is where I gained my experience in counselling others to a more focused life,” she said.

The book was published on the 20th November, 2020 and is being sold in Cloister Bookstores as well as on Amazon.

“What I want persons to take away when they read the book is to be empowered knowing that they don’t have to be defined by their circumstances or be stuck in a place call hopelessness, but they have the ability to do something about it, whether to change, adapt or make it more bearable. This one might be a tough one but at times you just have to bear in mind that there are some things you don’t have control over to change but you have control over you and changing your perspective.

The book is about real-life events of individuals and my own personal experiences. It also has two stories that I wrote to reiterate parts of the book. These real-life events are challenges and circumstances that are very relatable. It’s about individual struggles, loss of loved ones, hope, love and achieving one’s goals and dreams,” she said. '

Wilson said that the book took her approximately four years to write because she was balancing her life as an entrepreneur as well as becoming a new motivational author.

“The book took longer than I expected due to the fact that I am an entrepreneur and at moments I was going through my personal struggles, so at times it would be a few months before I wrote again. I am Christian but more specifically a child of God, I would say I was led by God to write this book. God knows our wants and or needs and he knows they are people out there who want to reach out but find it difficult, so I believe he is leading me to reach out to persons reassuring them they are not alone in their circumstances, and they can come to a resolve,” she said.

Wilson said that she knew that she would become an author as she enjoyed writing stories from a child.

“Writing started when I was a child, I would write short plays and poems but continued when I started to hear from God. I would write in books about how I felt about a situation, any revelation I got from God and things that I was going through at times but the true realization of the gift of writing came when I began to write No Longer a Prisoner: Born to win,” she said.

The debut author who has obtained qualifications in Social Work from the Barbados Community College said that she is currently working on other publications and will continue to work on more in the future.

“I have two more I am working on at the moment and will continue to write more in the future. I believe that not everyone is self-motivated and at times we need that extra push to help us get started and No Longer A Prisoner: Born to Win is a pocketbook of encouragement. I will be doing a virtual launch in November, and everyone is welcome to join me,” she said.

To obtain your copies of her book you can purchase them on Amazon at the link below:

No Longer A Prisoner: Born To Win: Wilson, Victorine R: 9798551381150: Books

Or contact her at 242-9567 to order your copy of the book. (LG)

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