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Welcome To The Kiwanis Club of Barbados South Family

Kiwanis Club of Barbados South held a pinning ceremony at Southern Palm Hotel, Dover St Michael over the weekend.

President of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South Deanzer Roberts said that due to the spike in COVID-19 cases the club was unable to have their pining ceremony as per usual. Thus, she decided to host the pining ceremony this year.

“Whenever there is an election, we have persons who are elected to serve. We have our board of directors; we have our chairpersons. So, what we did today, we had new members who came in under the last administration who were not able to get pinned. So, we gave them their pins and their jackets today. For the past two years, we were unable to do it with the pandemic, so we braved it and decided to do it today and it came off,” she said.

The newly elected President said that the pinning ceremony is something that happens yearly in Kiwanis Clubs all over the world.

“Everyone receives a pin and a lapel. Everyone receives a chairperson’s pin so they can walk around feeling proud that I am chair of a committee, that I am the director of this club and stuff like that and it is something that we look forward to. But because of the pandemic, it wasn’t done, and I said that it has to be done this time.

We have gotten four new members despite the COVID-19 pandemic as we have made use of Information and Communication Technology programmes such as Zoom.

“We still invite persons to log on and participate online. We still support them and give them the information that they want, as well as add them to our mailing list. We inducted them this time online and, in my year, I am not going to bring in anything less than six members. As they are people that love volunteerism and Zoom is not the end of the world as we are learning so much on Zoom. So even in this administrative year where I am President, I intend to induct new members into this club,” she said.

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