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Turney has the Heart

Julie Turney is the CEO and Principal Consultant of HR@Heart Consulting Inc., a company that coaches burned out and frustrated Human Resource Professionals in their careers.

Turney started her company six years ago when she experienced HR burnout and career frustration.

“My own experience with HR burnout and career frustration resulted in the opening of my own coaching practice. I realized that I was not alone and that something needed to be done to support my HR colleagues. So, I started coaching them on things that I knew about Human Resources that they did not know at the time whilst giving them a safe space to share their frustrations and concerns. Before I knew it, I was creating coaching plans to move people forward and now I have a global practice to support HR professionals at every level in their organizations,” she said.

The former student of Louis Lynch Secondary school who holds a diploma in Human Resources Management from Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity, Level 5 certification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and is also a certified Agile HR Practitioner through The Agile HR Community said that she is passionate about Human Resources because she enjoys creating great experiences for the people she serves.

“Human Resources is about servitude and employee experience from the moment you hire someone until the time they leave the organization. I want people to have the best experience possible whether it is for them to have the best opportunities to learn, develop and grow their careers to the best health benefits and most important a great leadership experience. This only happens when we as Human Resource professionals collaborate with our stakeholders and nothing makes me happier than when a leadership team is open to experimentation to progress the company,” he said.

Turney who is a wife and a proud mother of three said that one of the highlights of her career thus far has been writing her book Confessions of an HR Pro: Stories of Defeat & Triumph.

“ One of the greatest highlights of my career would be when I wrote my book Confessions of an HR Pro: Stories of Defeat & Triumph. I am touched and humbled each time someone reaches out to me to thank me for the work that I am doing to change the way the world perceives HR,” she said.

Turney who describes herself as a visionary, quirky and passionate said her business is seeking to ensure that organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals understand how to be resilient despite the onset of COVID-19 whilst maintaining self-care.

“All of my sessions and talks are done virtually. I believe in understanding the science behind resilience therefore, I have a partnership with Saville Assessments out of the United Kingdom. With the help of their resilience agility assessment, I show organizations where their leadership gaps are and create coaching plans to help them close those gaps. As it relates to self-care it is the beginning of my coaching plan that you must start with getting better control of how you eat, sleep and exercise. I share mindfulness techniques and teach people how to release frustrations and pain through journaling,” she said.

The owner of HR@HeartConsulting Inc. is the host of HR Sound Off Podcast which is ranked as one of the top HR podcasts to listen to in the world as well as the Host of Disrupt HR Caribbean in Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad.

As it pertains to Disrupt HR Caribbean, Turney is the host of Disrupt HR Barbados, which is happening on February 22nd, 2022 at Ten Habitat, Wildey, St Michael from 6-9 pm. She said that persons can expect amazing five-minute sessions from 11 top professionals on thought-provoking topics sought to improve the way we work.

“Persons can expect to hear speeches from some of the top professionals in Barbados such as Paula Pitt, Kris Cadogan, Kim Tudor, Celia Collymore, Gillian Foster, Sonia Layne-Gartside, Brittany Brathwaite, Davina Layne, Shane Howell, Siobhan Robinson and Caroline Bennett-Jarvis. Our lovely host for the evening is Gaynelle Marshall,” she said.

Turney is set to deliver her first TED Talk on April 1st at the Medical University in Gratz Austria.

“I am delivering my first TED TALK on the topic of the forgotten first responders in the pandemic and the challenges that we as Human Resource Professionals have been facing throughout the pandemic. It is my honour to share my stories and my experience on such a global stage and I will be sharing this experience with my 17-year-old daughter. I am very excited about this upcoming adventure,” she said. (Write Right PR Services).

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