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Troy Harewood releases 'King Cricket' to honour Sir Garfield Sobers

Troy Harewood is a Barbadian Author who has immortalized Sir Garfield Sobers by preparing a children’s colouring book called Counting With Sir Gary which is available on Amazon.

(Image of Troy Harewood compliments Troy Harewood)

To celebrate Sir Garfield Sober's 85th birthday on July, 28th he has released an audio recording of a children’s short story centered around Sir Gary’s historic six sixes.

“I have released an audio to a short story which I did surrounding Sir Gary Sobers six sixes in one over. I am a huge fan of Sir Gary and when I was researching this legend, I came across the clip of him hitting the six sixes and from that time I said to myself I am going to write a story about that event,” he said,

(Image of Sir Garfield Sobers when he hit six sixes August 31st, 1968).

The author said that he wrote and recorded the audio clip because he believes that a book on this monumental occasion should have been done forty-years-ago and after realizing that it was not done, he decided to add his voice to the fight for our only living national hero to be respected.

“This should have been done forty-years ago, because just as my first book where my son had a lot to play in it by having a book that he could enjoy. And I recorded this audio with him at first, he was a little nervous at first, but he came through like a real champion,”

The audio clip which was recorded by Stonedwithcupid recounts his great feat on August 31st, 1968, when Sir Garfield Sobers, who is Barbados’ only living national hero became the first batsman ever to hit six sixes in a single over of six consecutive balls in first class cricket.

Harewood and his son Nathanael Harewood recount the entire experience, in a kid friendly manner, in the short audio clip, Nathanael is read a bedtime story by his grandfather and begins to dream that he is at Swansea watching the game.

He recounts the entire experience including when Davis fell on his back and allowed the balls to go over the boundary for six runs. Sobers was playing as the captain of Nottinghamshire against St. Helen’s and the unfortunate bowler was Malcom Nash. His total of 36 runs broke a 57-year-old record of 34 runs held by Ted Alleston. (Write Right PR Services)

To listen to the audio clip dubbed 'King Cricket' click the link below:

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