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Tara writes kingdom Budgeting

Twenty-nine-year-old Tara Mayers is the debut author of the book Kingdom Budgeting for Women.

The book which she penned this year was created to help women propel their lives forward.

“Kingdom budgeting for women was penned to share the tool of budgeting with women as a way to propel their lives forward. Even though the book was written for females, it doesn’t exclude males. The information is for he or she who wants to share in this journey. The kingdom aspect seeks to use kingdom principles in a practical way so that we all can see the fruits of our labour. It teaches discipline and sowing seeds. It embraces investments and seeks to charter a new course of life in our finances. It is a must-read,” she said.

Mayers who is a former graduate of the Combermere School and holds a Bachelors of Humanities in Spanish and French said her book Kingdom Budgeting for Women is being released this month and persons can follow @houseofem.power for updates.

But did Tara always know that she wanted to be an author?

The answer to that surprisingly is no.

“No. Writing was not on my mind in the earlier years as I was more so involved in fashion and designs which are my passions. I also own a décor business,” she said.

The qualified educator who holds a Diploma in Education from Erdiston Teacher’s College said one of the takeaways persons can get from her book is how to become better at budgeting.

“The takeaway definitely will be to keep trying at budgeting. It may be hard at first but keep trying. Bit by bit it will get easier, and you will be able to see changes and track improvement. I want women to tell another woman to purchase this book for a young woman who needs it. As this book touches on budgeting using kingdom principles. It encourages pray as well to each on how to write out one’s budget. It includes how to plan for supermarket trips and how to meal plan. It really is an everyday essential and guide. The writing process was completed in a year,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

Tara's book can be obtained on Amazon at the link below:

Kingdom Budgeting for Women - Kindle edition by Mayers, Tara. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

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