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Tahirah offers Bereavement Care

Tahirah Payne is the Managing Funeral Director of Bereavement Care Funerals.

The company which provides pre-planning, burials, cremations, repatriations, removals, floral arrangements, bereavement advice is located in Durant’s Village, St.James.

At present, the company operates from the premises of Two Sons Funeral Home.

Tahirah who has been in the funeral industry for over five years said that she began her journey as a funeral home assistant with Two Sons Funeral Home before deciding to further her knowledge in the industry.

“I have been in the funeral industry for over five years. First working as a funeral home assistant with Two Sons Funeral Home and decided it was time to further my knowledge and career in 2018. Though there was so much to do before I set out on this journey, the support from my loved ones both here and overseas in the United Kingdom and Luxemburg motivated me to become an entrepreneur on October 1st, 2020,” she said.

Almost a year ago the company launched their Facebook and Instagram pages under the company’s name Bereavement Care Funerals. Payne said that one thing she has learnt along this journey is to have solid marketing strategies.

“One thing I have learnt along this journey is to have good marketing strategies, patience while putting in the long hours and no matter how new your business may be always waiting your turn. As a young female Entrepreneur in the funeral industry, I have based my education in areas of my skills to further enhance my growth. Did I envision myself as a Funeral Director? The answer is No. However, I always had a passion for Cosmetology, Sciences and Pathology. I am a Certified Cosmetologist with over 12 years’ experience, a Funeral Director/Embalmer and event planner. In addition to my skills, I also create floral arrangements and pay a great deal of attention to detail and leave my families with that lasting memory that no one can steal,” she said.

Despite the success her business has had over the past year, she noted that with the advent of COVID-19 she had to face some new procedures when handling the final disposition of a deceased who would have succumbed to the novel virus.

“As a funeral director the last two years was not easy due to the SARS- coV2 virus (the coronavirus that causes Covid-19) especially for the Funeral Homes/Mortuary Care while handling the Removals, Preparations and final Disposition of a deceased with Covid-19. Following the guidelines from the Ministry of Health meant that our measures had to be stricter and the implementation on wearing the appropriate PPE, using the correct equipment and tools and the mixture of disinfectant solutions had to correlate with the measures to contain the spread of the virus. It also meant that traditional funerals for the loved one would not be the same. When the surge of the virus started in 2020, we were told only cremation was allowed. Since then, Burials have been permitted with some restrictions of not allowing loved one’s to get their last glimpse,” she said.

The young entrepreneur said that one of the most challenging parts of handling the final disposition is challenging for a family but her business prides itself on its bereavement care.

“Where a death has occurred, nothing is ever easy for a funeral director in having that conversation with the next of kin or relatives as everyone grieves differently. However, the feeling of personal fulfillment after assisting those bereaved families is the aim for Bereavement Care Funerals,” she said.

As her company celebrates their one-year anniversary on October 1st, 2021 Payne wished to thank her loyal customers, family, and friends for their positive words of encouragement.

“As Bereavement Care Funerals celebrates its 1st year in Business, I would like to acknowledge my family, friends and co-workers for their positive words and encouragement and to say thank you to my families that I have served thus far, for the support that was given. In celebration of this milestone, I would like to introduce the public to our sister company Artistic Floral which creates the highest quality of Floral arrangements for Funerals,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

Interested persons can contact Bereavement Care Funerals at +1246 827-5385.

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