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Sisters give back to The St. Michael School

Marjorie Marshall and Yvonne Cumberbatch gave back to their school The St Michael School by presenting a monetary donation back in June 2021.

The sisters noted that The St Michael School was instrumental in forming many bonds of friendship and shared wonderful recollections of the time spent within the Martindale’s Road, Institution.

The sisters now 95 and 90-years-old respectively who were born to Barbadian parents fondly remember the days of singing their school song, studying French and the traditional school uniform worn back then which was a navy jumper, white shirt, and Panama hat.

Marshall and Cumberbatch who now reside in the United States of America decided earlier this year that they would present a monetary donation to the St Michael School as they believed it was paramount to the success that they would have received in both of their professional careers as Majorie acquired a Masters Degree in reading as was an educator in the New York City Public School system for many years. She believed it was imperative for her to teach children and adults the importance of literacy.

(Marjorie and Yvonne in their earlier years)

Whereas Yvonne pursued a Masters in Social Work with the additional clinical certification and was a licensed social worker where she practised psychotherapy for many years where she assisted mentally ill and drug-addicted patients.

In their early years, the sisters attended The South District elementary school located in the Parish of St. George. After the completion of Primary School, it was off to The St. Michaels Girls School. It was here that the importance of a stellar education was instilled by the all-female teaching staff.

The sisters participated in weekly events centered around Church and family activities. There are numerous stories of beach picnics, dinner gatherings, playing the piano, playing jacks, riding bicycles all while completing studies at The St. Michaels Girls School.

The foundation created by The St. Michaels Girls School was instrumental in both sisters attending Hunter College located in New York City for their undergraduate education. The sisters credit The St. Michaels Girls School for much of their formative development, discipline, and their thirst for knowledge. Both sisters were pretty remarkable studying German in college and after their studies always contributed to betterment of the lives of the underserved. Today the sisters Marjorie and Yvonne reside in Brooklyn, New York and have been blessed by God to see 94 and 90 years of age. Marjorie is married to Bajan born Vernon Marshall and they have two children and two grandchildren. Yvonne has three children from her marriage to Vernon's cousin Bajan born Wilton Cumberbatch and two grandchildren. (Write Right PR Services)

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