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Simon passionate about philanthropy

Simon Cho Fook Lun is passionate about philanthropy and animal welfare. He has been in charge of the Caribbean chapter of the American Bully Kennel Club for the past five years.

Cho Fook Lun who is a graduate of Louis Lynch Secondary and Dottins Academy and has graduated from Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) where he specialized in International Marketing, Marketing and Accounts is passionate about animal welfare and said he became inspired after watching his late grandfather Lester Springer.

“I have been passionate about animals my entire life. I would say honestly about the time I could walk because my grandfather Lester Springer worked at Roberts Manufacturing, and he was a part of the BKC (Barbados Kennel Club), and he used to show German shepherds with BKC, and he had parrots. And that is where my passion for animals stems from,” he said.

So passionate is he about animals and animal welfare that he has teamed up with Massy Distribution and Purina to sensitize children across the island about the importance of animal welfare.

“I have been giving back to schools for about five years. I have been going to schools and giving students gifts when they answer questions usually centered around animal welfare correctly. In my honest opinion, I would like to continue to work with them but due to the ongoing pandemic it is becoming a bit challenging to get into schools like once before. In the past two years I decided that I not only wanted to go into schools to speak about animal welfare, but I also wanted to present tables to the students to assist in bridging the socio-economic divide,” he said.

Cho Fook Lun who has been awarded by the Animal Control Unit for his outstanding work in raising awareness and promote positive enterprises. So much so that Massy Distribution decided to partner with him to assist him with his sensitization campaigns.

“I put my heart into everything I do and Massy Distribution after seeing the arduous work that I have been doing in communities, schools and with the animal control unit for animal welfare decided to team up with me to help with the animal shows. Together we did a lot of schools, and they even assisted me with providing tablets for students with our give back programme. So, I want to take this opportunity to thank them for the assistance they have given me through the years,” he said.

But why is he passionate about teaching the youth of Barbados about animal welfare?

Cho Fook Lun said that it is because he realized that when youth are exposed to caring for animals at a young age their likelihood of committing serious offenses is significantly decreased.

“I have found in the research I have done thus far that once kids learn about caring animals and having respect for animals that they are less violent and have a greater understanding and appreciation of life. I realized that there was a disconnect and I knew I could help. I consider the work that I am doing with the kids to teach them about animal welfare my small part in making Barbados better,” he said.

The businessman and philanthropist shared some words of advice for any aspiring businessman or woman which was to never give up and to continue to harness their innovativeness.

“ My advice is simple write down everything that you want to accomplish small top large scale and keep ticking it off as you get there and or modify and adapt your goals and find ways to achieve them. I would also add that as we are still in a post-pandemic world now is the perfect time to be as innovative as possible. We have seen with the pandemic how companies had to pivot and adapt to the changing environment, where companies who did not offer delivery services are now offering those services to their clients. Right now, you have the perfect opportunity and the resources to be innovative as that is what Barbados needs and the world by extension,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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