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Shift with Khrys!

Krystal Bowen is the owner of Shift With Khrys Wellness and Fitness Club which is a nutrition and fitness company that is located in Kirtons, St. Philip.

The former student of Deighton Griffith Secondary School and Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Nutrition said the idea to start her business happened over a year ago when she decided it was time for her to prioritize her own health and wellness.

“When I began my personal weight loss journey in July 2022, I posted my progress on social media and received messages and questions from followers and realized that there were persons who related to my story of being overweight and I wanted to help them. So, my journey began and now I assist persons with recognizing the power that they process and apply it to their weight loss journey. I also assist them with making better food choices by implementing various nutrition and fitness strategies. I also meet my clients where they are at thus, I also offer personal training as well as virtual training and online coaching,” she said.

Bowen who successfully completed courses with the International Sports Science Association to be a certified personal trainer, fitness coach and nutritionist said she had no dreams of becoming a personal trainer as she was always overweight.

“I had no aspirations to be a personal trainer. It was not something I saw in my future because I was always overweight. So, me, becoming a trainer seemed like a pipe dream. It is funny how my greatest weakness is now one of my biggest strengths. I am still learning, and I am very new to the industry, but I am willing to learn and become better at what I do. I would not change a thing. Shift With Khrys Wellness and Fitness Club has come a long way from just being an idea and translating into a desire that prompted me to take action. I wanted to ensure that what I was offering was backed by experience and formal education, so I became certified. I have trained and coached in group settings as well as one on one, I invested in equipment and now I have what I consider to be a mobile gym,” she said.

Bowen explained that initially she had doubts about being a plus sized female trainer, but she slowly is overcoming those perceptions.

“Being a woman who is plus sized in this industry is a daunting reality. I do not present as your typical trainer and that is a reality I struggle with every day. I don’t have the abs, chiseled biceps or visibly muscular legs and sometimes I think that fact works against what I want to achieve but, I’m learning that my role as a trainer goes beyond what anyone’s body can look like, even mine. I am a coach and trainer because I know the type of trauma that is inflicted on you when you’re in a bigger body and that can really mess with your self-esteem so it’s my mission to help restore self-esteems and unlock my client’s personal power. We are not just losing weight; we are shifting old paradigms and changing lives,” she said.

The owner of Shift With Khrys Wellness and Fitness Club said outside of being a coach and trainer she is also a certified and trained Motivational and Power Voice Speaker.

“I had the honor of being coached by one of the best in the industry, Mr. Les Brown, I graduated from his Power Voice course in December of 2020. I think it’s the part of my job I enjoy the most; having a speaking background makes me a better coach. I think it’s important of people to recognize their unmatched ability to succeed at anything,” she said.

Bowen said one of the highlights of her career is seeing how much more people believe in themselves after working with me. Outside of that I have had the opportunity to write weekly blogs on health and nutrition of Down To Business Online Magazine under the theme ‘Don’t Suga Coat It” and was recently interviewed on the new video series “Anudda Bajan”.

Her advice for any young person seeking to become a fitness trainer is by Earl Nightingale which is, “You have deep reservoirs of talent and ability within you, and you can have the things you want,” she said.

To contact Shift With Khrys Wellness and Fitness Club follow her on Instagram @shift.with.khyrs. (Write Right PR Services)

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