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Shannon Fraser continues to share her gift of writing with the world

Shannon Fraser is continuing to use her voice to share her stories of hope and encouragement with the world.

Coming off her recent success with her debut book The Purpose In Your Pain: The Butterfly Emerges After Battle the former student of The Lodge School has released her third book This One’s For Me.

Reflecting on the success of her debut book Fraser said that the response has been so encouraging that many times it has left her in tears as her books have been making waves on an international scale in Bermuda, St. Lucia, Canada, England, British Virgin Islands and Boston.

“The response to my first book The Purpose In Your Pain was heartwarming. My greatest shocker was reading the responses from the men as they were so intrigued and interested. I know I’m called to women and children but having the men's support left me speechless. The books are doing all God has intended them to do and all I prayed for. That his people would encounter him as they read, they would be delivered and healed from the traumas of their past. And be liberated to live the abundant life that God intended us to have,” she said.

The Mental Health Advocate said her new book This One’s For Me was her improving on her first book by asking the readers to dive deeper as they do their introspection when reading her journal.

“After listening to the reviews of my clients, everyone loved it but some persons went a step further to share that they still did not know what to say on those pages. I made a mental note of this, and God gave me the vision for an improved journal. This book is way more engaging, with prompts that helps the reader to dig deeper as we all need an extra push sometimes. With guided notes, the various types of self-care and their definitions. Boxes are also provided to help with giving your emotions a name,” she said.

Fraser said since her new book was published on September 4th, 2022, she has received positive response.

“The response has been overwhelming, tears and more tears. Everyone is really excited especially about the cover art; they have been telling me that the lady on it looks like me. I believe just as God told me that this book will do well,” she said.

The author and motivational speaker said that she wants mothers who read this book to know that it is ok for them to take care of themselves first.

“As I was in the process of creating this with my publisher, I had this burden for mothers especially this book was created with them in mind. I watched my mother sacrifice it all just so that I could be comfortable. I’m quite maternal myself and I followed in her footsteps and found myself depleted and running off fumes especially as it relates to my patients. And though that was all my mom knew back then I believe God has empowered me to say it ends with me. I will take care of myself for me first, my children when they come and also for those connected to me. I also want mothers and women, in general, to understand it’s okay to take care of yourself first. Self-care happens to be a

huge part of mental health. Take the time to do the things that you enjoy, it is not selfish it is necessary. You cannot pour from an empty cup. So, it is my prayer that as you journal on these pages that you will understand your value and you won’t sell yourself short. When we value something, we take great care of it. Sis, it’s time for you to value you. Say it with me. This one’s for me,” she said.

Fraser’s word of advice for any young person seeking to write a book was to not let anyone discourage them from what God has set out for them.

“Do not let anyone discourage you from following the path that God has set out for you. Cultivate a relationship with God to find out what is your gift (sometimes it can be many, like in my case). When he reveals them seek His face about your areas of influence and be obedient. Some of the things that He may ask you to do might not make any sense but there are people out there waiting for you to be obedient to the call of God on your life,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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