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Shakelia Sha'Dazzles with her body embellishments!

Shakelia Leacock is the owner of Sha’ Dazzle a company which she started almost seven years ago that offers body embellishments.

(Image of the owner of Sha'Dazzle Shakelia Leacock)

Leacock who is a nurse by profession said that the idea to start her own business came to her back in 2015 when she was looking for various embellishments and gems to head to a Crop- Over event.

“In 2015, I wanted to partake in a Crop Over event, and while looking for additional embellishments and gems I realized it was hard to source any that I liked. So, I went online shopping and that was when it hit me that I could start my own business providing these products for persons like myself. Then I thought Crop Over is a season so why stop there? I can work on expanding my clientele to persons in cosmetology, arts and crafts, or even clothing,” she said.

Her products include chunky glitters, glitter gels, stickers, gems, mesh foil, pigment powders. Gem cuticle oil, nail foil, and holographic glitter shards have been well received by locals and international persons alike.

(Images of some of Sha'Dazzle's products)

“One of the many highlights for me would be when customers from other islands and countries started reaching out to me. I love my customers I like to call them my extended family. I remember my first time taking my products on the set of a photoshoot for a client their reaction was pure gold when they saw all the different glitters and gems it made me excited and relieved as I was extremely nervous. I was thinking the whole time what if they don't like them?

How can I make the packaging better?

But it all worked out tremendously, and they gave me some words of encouragement. I was ecstatic and it gave me a bigger drive to continue on the path I was on,” she said.

The former Parkinson Memorial Student and owner of Sha’Dazzle said that persons should come to her online business because she provides quality products.

“Our company provides products that are satisfactory with love and kindness. We also have great customer service as this is what our foundation is built on. We are also big on giving back to our community so when anyone supports us it goes beyond just purchasing an item, as we donate food, hygiene products just to name a few, to aid persons who have been affected by natural disasters,” she said.

Leacock has been able to form a network with nail technicians on the island and together they have created stunning nail art which have her glitter embedded in the acrylic. She said that she decided to work with nail technicians as well as small businesses as she realized that businesses are better together.

(Image of a collaboration between Sha'Dazzle and Nailz_by Nicki)

“We can do good on our own, but we are better together. Besides getting your name out there on a bigger platform I believe networking can also educate you and keep you up to date with all the latest trends. As a business owner, you should always be looking to expand on your knowledge to make your business better. So, collaborating with other small businesses in terms of financial growth and providing a strong support system for other young and upcoming entrepreneurs it's a wonderful way to keep your business on top,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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