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Romiyah Nedd-Clarke is the owner of Lippy Cosmetics

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Fifteen-year-old Romiyah Nedd-Clarke is the owner of Lippy Cosmetics a beauty care company that was launched on April 9th, 2021 which is a beauty skincare line that offers handmade natural lip glosses and scrubs.

(Image of fifteen-year-old Romiyah Nedd-Clarke who is the owner of Lippy Cosmetics- Photo credit Shanice King)

The fourth-form student at Springer Memorial Secondary School in her interview with the media said initially she wanted to begin her business when she was twelve-years-old but her mother thought that she needed to pursue it when she was a bit older.

“ I had the idea for the business from the time I was twelve-years-old as I always wanted to be a business owner. At that time, my mother did not think it was the right time. One night when I was talking to her about my ideas as I always do, I brought up the lip gloss line again and she said ‘yes’. I began to look at everything I could about lip gloss from the type of tubes to the colours and names,” she said.

The young businesswoman who is also an athlete at the Springer Memorial School said that managing her business as well as her studies was a challenge, but her mother Gail assists her with completing the orders.

“It has been a bit of a challenge because I now have to balance my schoolwork and athletics training. My mom helps me with my orders, and she also helps me to manage the Instagram page. My mom always states that school comes first so we have an order system in place so that we can have orders prepared for delivery by the weekend,” she said.

Nedd-Clarke said that her products are vegan and animal cruelty-free because she believes animals should be treated with respect and not used for experiments.

The young entrepreneur is seeking to expand her business by developing a line of body butters and shimmers in the not-too-distant future. She is also seeking to develop her own line of lipsticks as well.

However, she revealed that she plans on taking her business internationally as that is her main goal.

“I want to take my business to the international market, and I am currently working on that goal,” she said.

Her advice for any young entrepreneur is to “ Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams,” she said.

(Image of fifteen-year-old Romiyah Nedd-Clarke who is the owner of Lippy Cosmetics and her mother Gail. Photo credit Shanice King)

Lippy Cosmetics has now launched her body butters. Persons who are desirous of supporting this young entrepreneur can follow her business page on Instagram @lippycosmetics or contact her at +1246 827-1952 (Write Right PR Services )

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