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Poems For Life

Nessema Riley is the author of Poems For Life which was released November 22nd, 2021 on popular publishing site Amazon.

The debut author said that she was inspired by many persons over the years and after years of indecisiveness she decided that she would finally write her book and seek to have it published.

Poems For Life came naturally after I had written a story from the day that my father had passed. From that time, I started jotting things down. I have always had a love for writing. I have an ear for sound as well as I feel things inwardly. I believe it was how I was raised by my mother and grandmother. I had this writing talent from a child and each time a situation occurred that impacted my life I always said I am going to write a book,” she said.

The former student of the Garrison Secondary School said she named the book Poems For Life because they are based on some of the situations that she has had to gone through in her life as well as conversations with men and women who have also had unforeseen circumstances in their lives as well.

“I have been through a lot in my life and no matter what I was going through the one thing that helped me was writing it down in poetic form. Poetry motivates me and that is why I decided to name my book Poems for life,” she said.

The debut author who always runs a small business group on social media where she promotes small businesses said that over the years, she was also inspired by author Wilmont St. Cyr who is the author of Fields of Death and The Vault, David Davis and author and poet La Shawna Griffith. She said the more she watched these persons the braver she became with sharing her story with the world.

Riley who is also a graduate from the Barbados O’ Level Institute, Barbados Vocational Training Board and the Caribbean Training Institute said she wants her readers to understand that no matter what you have been through in your life always remember that God is faithful, and he can turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony.

“I want persons who read my book to know that no matter what you have been through God is always there for you. God does not give us more than we can bear and remember some persons may have suffered worse. But God can turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony all you have to do is trust him,” she said.

The author of Poems For Life advice to anyone reading this article is that it is never too late to go after your dreams.

“To anyone out there who may believe it is too late to go after your goals- it is not! It is never too late. No matter if you are as young as 12-years-old or 80-years-old. You are never too old or too young to be a dream chaser. Honestly, the world needs more people who are not afraid to go after their aspirations and people to set a good example,” she said.

Riley wished to thank Wendell Callender, Margot Callender for giving me the name for the book after they proofread and edited it, Andrea Smith, Ronald Pope, Carters General Store and all of her friends, family and well-wishers who have supported her in her book journey thus far.

Persons who are desirous of purchasing her book Poems For Life can obtain copies from Carters General Store, Wildey St Michael and or online on (Write Right PR Services)

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