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Perfectly Poised four months and going strong

Kay Carrington is the owner of The Perfectly Poised Etiquette Academy who is a graduate of the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, with a BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and an MSc in Labour and Employment Relations, her company offers etiquette classes and workshops for individuals, small businesses and small groups.

Carrington is hosting multiple events in the month of October to December 2022 the first of which is a workshop for boys which is being held on October 29th, 2022, at 4:30 p.m.

“I received numerous requests after I initially announced the girl's program. The workshop is entitled The True Gentleman and will explore modern manners, grooming and self-care, rules of introductions, investing and empowerment for the boys. There will also be some feature male speakers to make presentations to the children. My hope is to impart on these young boys, the basics of good manners, how to be well-spoken, polite, charming and respectful,” she said.

On November 5th, 2022, she will be hosting The Pretty Little Ladies Workshop at Southern Palms Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church for girls aged 12-16 years old.

“The workshop will explore appearances and hygiene, how to sit and walk gracefully, skincare, makeup and hairstyling and making lasting first impressions. At this workshop, I have teamed up with two Barbadian entrepreneurs, Lola Pop, Professional Makeup Artist and Sha-Nae Allman from Image by Sha-Nae who will make presentations as well during the workshops. There will also be a special package price for young ladies to attend this event as well as the Royal Etiquette Tea Party,” she said.

Carrington’s last event is the Royal Etiquette Tea Party for Preteens and Teens on December 3rd, 2022, at the Southern Palms Hotel.

“The ladies will not only enjoy the customary high tea menu treats but will also have an informative lesson in tea party etiquette as part of their experience. Tea parties are an excellent way to help these young ladies learn the importance of good manners, respect for others, how to be mindful, how to converse with guests, how to be a thoughtful host and even get a little knowledge about tea,” she said.

Carrington who is the former Head Girl of The Alexandra School said she is hosting these seminars are opportunities for the public to have their children exposed to etiquette.

“I want these children to have an understanding of what etiquette is about and to begin to groom them to be confident and respectable children with strong social and communication skills. I want them to be considerate, kind and humble. The aim is my Academy is to educate, refine and empower and I seek to do this with every workshop I conduct for children and adults,” she said.

The owner of The Perfectly Poised Etiquette Academy said that since she was featured by Barbados TODAY back in July, she received a lot of well wishes for the academy and there were many persons who are interested in the girls’ program. Quite a few adults were also interested in the sessions and parents expressed interest for children under age of six years old to have etiquette sessions as well.

Carrington launched a new category called the Kiddiquette Gems that will include the teaching of children from ages 3 to 5 years old in etiquette. I will also be having workshops for the different age groups for both boys and girls and adult sessions which will be included. In addition, I will be extending my services to athletes and sports professionals,” she said.

Carrington invited interested persons to contact her at 267-8714 or follow her on Instagram @peerfectlypoisedetiquette. (Write Right PR Services)

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