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Out of This World

Clarissa Carmen Williams thrilled the audience at Winston Farrell’s Meet Me in Golden Square, Women Tongue Edition at Golden Square Freedom Park, St Michael on Sunday, 18th September 2022, with her five poetic selections which spoke to femininity.

Dressed in her Out of This World customizable T-Shirt, the young poet who began her performance journey two years ago started her set with her introductory piece I Am Carmen.

As the audience began to build, she performed I Am More and The Wind Is A Woman. In the later piece she performed using inflexions in her voice, to sound like wind, in it she explained how the wind in its strength and unpredictability resembles the nature of a woman.

She continued her set with I Am Because They Were and Garment of Love. Her performance of Garment of Love received the most crowd response as members of the audience genuinely enjoyed the piece that asks them to ponder on what life would feel like if love was the only thing they had to wear.

Carmen said that while she was a bit nervous before the performance, she was excited to perform as it was her first time being a featured performer at a poetry event.

“I am not as nervous as I usually am, but I am super excited to be here just trying to stay as focused as possible so I could give an exceptional performance. My focus is on the performance and the execution of the pieces,” she said.

Carmen who recently placed 2nd at The Athletes Foot inaugural open mic competition, which was held on September 8th, 2022, at their newly opened Sheraton Mall store, with her poem Garment of Love said that she met Winston Farrell at Frenetic Arts Poetry Lime, and he invited her to perform in Golden Square.

“It is a funny story of how that came to be. I recently attended Poetry Lime and sat at a table that I thought was empty. It turned out to be Winston Farrell’s table, he had just left to come back, so sharing the table with him was nice and he commended me after my performance and then we had a conversation about me performing at his event in Golden Square Freedom Park and here I am today as one of the featured artistes,” she said.

Carmen finished her set by doing a duet performance with Winston Farrell entitled Who Am I which received riveting applause from the audience.

The poet whose piece Garment of Love has been rotated on 94.7 FM said that she wanted the audience to be empowered by her work.

“I want the women to feel empowered after the performances and the men to appreciate women more after listening to my set of performances. I want the men to take into account their actions and how they impact the lives of the women around them and also encourage the women around them to feel empowered as men can empower women as well, there are a lot of things men can do, so that is how I want the men to feel and I want the women to feel empowered and know that they have the power to empower themselves,” she said.

Carmen’s hit Garment of Love can be found on YouTube and more of her creative work can be found on Instagram @mycarmen_. (Write Right PR Services)

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