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One year an going strong The rise of Necxus

Nicholas Boyce is the Creative Director of the company Necxus which is aimed at being a never-ending series of creative energies.

(Photo credit: Stephan Tyrel)

The company which celebrated its one-year anniversary on the 20th October 2021 slogan is “The portal opens,”. But what led to Boyce deciding to begin a business that styles cultural practitioners?

It was his background as a model for both local and international agencies, coupled with his creative expertise that led to him starting his company with his colleagues in order to allow Barbadian cultural practitioners to be able to express who they are without fear.

“I would say that my love for fashion and the fashion industry is something that was developed over time and positively encouraged by my peers. I also used to model so that also played a huge factor in the journey. Our process to style a client is by having a questionnaire and discussion and or consultation and through this method we aim to produce and create your dream alongside of you,” he said.

(Styled by Necxus- Model Myekelti Clarke)

The former Deighton Griffith secondary student said that his company consists of Make Up Arist Jarone Broomes, Photographer Stephan Tyrel, Photographer Akini Robers, Visual Artist Donnnè Haynes and Public Relations Officer- Ashleigh Phillips.

In the past year, Necxus has been featured in Barbados Youth Development Council as well as on Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation late-night news. Boyce said that he is extremely pleased with the company’s success thus far.

(Styled by Necxus- Photo credit: Febuaryphotography)

“As we are only a year into our journey the team and I are very proud of our accomplishments. Our biggest moment this year I think would have to be our project A Display of Black History curated by Stephan Tyrel. The work was so impactful we received features not only from the Barbados Youth Development Council, but it was also noticed by art curators as far as Paris, France and Florida, USA,” he said.

The owner of Necxus said that one thing that a cultural practitioner should have is confidence and he gets a thrill working with his clients to bring their vision to life.

“It is an experience and a joy watching both clients and students light up with joy at the end result is something that cannot be put in words alone. With everything that is going on in current realities, it has been my joy to be able to create amidst the hurdles of the pandemic. However, I would like to see more diversity in our developments. There are those fighting for this, and I would love to see a full paradigm shift for the sake of the industry amongst other things,” he said.

(Model: Simone Williams- Photo credit: Stephan Tyrell)

Boyce who is a self-taught creative director and stylist said in Barbados there is still a stigma amongst male stylists.

(Model: Nathaniel Kunar- Photo credit: Stephan Tyrel)

“Unfortunately, there is still a black cloud for this conversation. Often most resolves around being homophobic in judgements which are very often the go to assumption. It is another one of the topics that needs to be addressed,” he said.

Despite this Boyce is seeking to collaborate with other fashion houses and media in Barbados to recreate Barbados into the 21st Century.

(Photo credit: Stephan Tyrel)

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