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Okoyebykim more than a belt!

Dynamic and determined to succeed!

These two words can be used to describe Kim Butcher who is the founder of The Event Project which is a company that offers consultancy, educational services, and event management. Recently, her company launched an apparel brand dubbed Okoyebykim that offers OBK belts that accentuate a woman’s natural silhouette.

“Okoyebykim was started to embrace new labels – apparel designer, entrepreneur, mentor, collaborator and also to be a symbol to encourage others that you can do it too. We must use all of our talents to seek, find as well as exploit all opportunities. Decisively, there was no more sitting and waiting to be invited to tables as Okoyebykim was making its own table with infinite seating. We are committed to constantly redefining who we are and what we can do. The best part about the Okoyebykim movement is to see ladies loving their reflection in the mirror, embracing it, and even celebrating it. Every Wednesday is ‘wear yuh waist Wednesday’ to remind us to do just that. OBK all-size belts are deliberate. They are just over 113 inches end to end. I reckon if SPANX (shapewear) were made to hide and conceal and that’s a billion-dollar business, certainly, a product to enhance, celebrate and liberate your belly should be all-inclusive as well,” she said.

Butcher explained that not only is she a businesswoman and entrepreneur who has had her business for just under a year, she is also passionate about giving back to micro-entrepreneurs.

“Okoyebykim is about building community. This was deliberate from the start. Knowledge is a gift that should be shared. It was important for me to be able to document and share the lessons I am learning in this new venture and to help others. There are so many people who don’t know how or where to start in monetizing their gifts and talents. It’s a whole new way of thinking about revenue generation and creating opportunities. So Okoyebykim is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise and giving financial contributions to help people who are either looking to monetize or have started to monetize their talents. It’s the start of a gig economy. I have these conversations every day with people who just don’t know where to start. We can’t wait for a job to come to us we have to create the opportunity for ourselves. It’s part of building cultural confidence in a new way. We can only survive if each one helps one,” she said.

How did she derive her business name Okoyebykim? Butcher said that Okoyebykim is a brand that values resilience, strength, and community.

“It took me a while to come up with the name because I knew I wanted my brand to mean something. It was important for me to start something where making money was deliberate. It wasn’t going to be secondary. Not a passionate project that would cost money but a product that could make money and a brand that meant something. I had seen other entrepreneurs embrace their creativity so much that they didn’t want to sell their products or even focus enough on getting it out there. So, when I selected the word Okoye it was perfect. Okoye in Nigeria means ‘someone born on market day’. I was like, ‘Yes’. My business is about making money. Okoye also means strength and resilience. Those meanings couldn’t be more perfect for a brand that celebrates loving who you are as you are. It started at a time when I was thinking about how I could help support not just my family but my community during this global pandemic. Okoye was the name of my favourite female character in the movie Black Panther. Did I say my name was perfect? It is definitely worth repeating. My name couldn’t be more perfect. I choose by Kim because this brand reflects my own values, my own strength, and resilience. I believe there is a responsibility when your name is on your brand,” she said.

Butcher said that she became involved in design because she has always been a problem solver who was fascinated with how a simple design enhances the overall user experience.

“As long as I have known myself, I have been in love with understanding how things work and how the aesthetics can transform. It goes without saying that I love colours, shapes, patterns, and textures which are the hallmarks of Okoyebykim belts. The beauty of our belts is that good design is at the heart of it. It is a wrap belt that allows you to clench your own waist to where it fits you. No two waist are the same so in this simple design we are inclusive on purpose,” she said.

Okoyebykim has two collections which are a single colour belt and a calypso collection. Butcher explained the reasons behind these two collections.

“A single colour belt which can help provide re-shape a monochromatic outfit. Sometimes you may want a little structure in your garment without having to use pins and needles. Our classic collection colour palette focuses on neutrals, greys, browns, navy, blue, black, beige, and white. From time to time there are a few pops of colour. Our calypso collection – we want to see you from space. We combine patterns, colours, textures. These belts stand out on purpose. These belts were designed to be a visual addition to any outfit. All of our belts are flattering to every silhouette. All of our belts are designed to be versatile and can be tied in several different ways,” she said.

The owner of Okoyebykim who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Event Management said that her next goal is to have an heirloom line that consists of locally sourced high-quality leather as well as have items that cater to men. (Write Right PR Services)

To watch her full video interview click the link below:

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