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Nothing but the grace of God

Thirty-year-old Nico Howard is the owner of DJ Quik Photography, a company located in Fordes Road, Clapham Christ Church, which he started five years ago due to his love of photography.

“I had a love for photography from my primary school as my family member had a camera I played around with and as time went on, I was given an instant camera, then a disposable camera and it went on from there to digital cameras up to the age of 25 when I started using DSLR cameras,” he said.

The former student of Ellerslie Secondary School said he soon realized he could turn his love of photography into a business hence the start of DJ Quik Photography.

“At the age of 25 after just taking photos for a hobby my work was recognized and jobs started to come to me, so I decided to convert my hobby into a business. My speciality in photography is based on both event photography and photoshoots, I got involved in this area when some of my good friends and associates would ask me to take a few portraits mainly for birthdays. My business name came along from the time I was at school, as a DJ I loved the brand Quik silver, I ended up with the nickname Quik , so as a DJ and a photographer I put them both together to make the name DJ Quik Photography,” he said.

The graduate of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology with a diploma in Cabinet and Furniture Making said one of the highlights of his career was having a chance to live stream Rhythm & Clash for Freedom Sounds and Chrismann’s disco on 98.1 FM.

However, the owner of DJ Quik Photography wants Government to assist photographers by reducing the tariffs on camera equipment.

“Barbados needs to assist photographers by giving them the ability to order items without the battle of customs. Because in Barbados it is difficult to obtain any equipment for photography or even videography,” he said.

Thus, Howard said one of the main challenges he faces was sourcing photography equipment and the onset of COVID-19. But despite the setbacks, he prevailed.

“One of the main challenges I faced as a photographer was the access to photography equipment as well as and battling with cancellation of appointments due to COVID-19.

I made a lot of sacrifices to save money to order gear online because I know doing so would help me make back what I sacrificed but the COVID-19 cancellations made it hard on and off, but God helped me make ends meet. One photoshoot that stood out to me was my daughter's second birthday as I did her decor which I did for the first-ever time ever with no assistance,” he said.

The owner of DJ Quik Photography said that there is a lot of talent in Barbados but a lot of it is wasted by Barbadians who do not believe and push their self to do better especially now social media takes up most of their time.

Howard said that he is passionate about photography and is ready to take your Christmas photographs.

“I am passionate about photography, and I look forward to capturing your special moment this holiday. You can follow me on Instagram @djquik_photography_p.shoots to book your Christmas photoshoot for your family and friends,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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