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New Business Launched Just For You Concierge

Shadai Harewood is the owner of Just For You Concierge which is an online concierge business which was started in October, 2021. The business offers personal shopping, prescription filling, interior design, delivery as well as grocery shopping. Her company also caters to small businesses that need their products delivered to their customers or stock collected and delivered.

Harewood who holds a certificate from the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity said that she has always been a creative person thus becoming an entrepreneur seemed like the right thing for her to do.

“I have always been an ambitious and creative person. Whilst being an employee, although grateful for the income, it always felt as though something was missing. I wasn't my true self and I have always been what some would say a ‘hustler’ and goal getter,” she said.

The former student of the Alleyne Secondary School who also holds a certificate from the Barbados Vocational Training Board in Interior Decorating said that her idea to launch the business in late October arose from realizing that persons desperately needed a concierge service especially with the rising COVID cases.

Just” For You Concierge is a new business venture. It came about due to the pandemic, through observation I found there was a demand for such services. In these times people try to avoid lines and crowded places so Just For You Concierge is definitely the solution for that specific problem. For the small business owners on the other hand, I know how challenging it can be being physically present in the business and still having to run errands or get products to their customers,” she said.

Harewood who has been employed in the hospitality industry for the past fourteen years said that she enjoys being a part of the industry as she enjoys meeting new people and creating memorable experience whilst being able to assist the client wherever possible.

“ COVID-19 actually birthed Just For You Concierge. I already own an existing business called Classy & Sassy by Shadai which you can find on Instagram @classy_n_sassy246.

That's my baby, however with all that's going on a plan B was necessary. It's a service of convenience. It offers an ease which allows them to do more with their time,” she said.

The owner of Just For You Concierge said that she enjoys creating a hassle-free experience for all and that clients can expect a reliable, trustworthy and professional experience which creates an ease in their every day lives. Because at the end of the day all of her clients will be treated as members of her extended family.

The company can be found on Instagram and Harewood said that she is excited to meet all of her new clients and she cannot wait to eliminate the hassle just for you her valued customers. (Write Right PR Services).

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