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Natural Gem celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Kimberly Jemmott is the owner of Natural Gem. The company which is celebrating its third anniversary on November 8th, 2022, specializes in natural skincare and hair products such as natural soaps, body creams, body butters, face masks, scrubs and natural hair oil.

Jemmott who is a former student of Parkinson Secondary School and holds a Master’s Degree from The University of The West Indies Cave Hill Campus in Human Resource Management said she decided to launch her business to assist women who were suffering with acne and various skin conditions.

“The catalyst that led me to start my business was to help women who were feeling ashamed and embarrassed because of their various skin conditions. Despite their conditions I wanted them to feel comfortable in their own skin and to embrace their natural God-given beauty. While makeup can make a woman look beautiful a lot of women often hide their natural beauty behind their makeup. I want that when women use any Natural Gem Skincare products, they feel a sense of confidence and see results on their skin,” she said.

Jemmott said her journey as an entrepreneur started in 2018 when she decided to take soap making class and the rest was history.

“I remember after I took the class, I was so excited to try making my own soap. When I first made it on my own, I was extremely terrible at it, but through constant practice, I started to become good at it. It was then that I started making natural soap as a hobby followed by body cream and body butter, but as I kept making each product, it came into my spirit that I can start a business making natural products. In November 2019, I decided to take it more seriously and that is when I went to register my business. The business started off relatively slow, but as the years' progressed, it started to expand as my products are now sold at Woolworth Stores in Bridgetown, Massy Stores (Skymall, Sunset Crest, Worthing, Warrens, Oistins) and Price Lo - Sargeants Village,” she said.

But what is next for Natural Gem?

Jemmott said that she would be launching an Acne skincare package for all skin types and a natural hair product line very soon.

The path has not always been easy for this female entrepreneur as she initially faced changes with acquiring new customers and comparing herself to other businesses in the beauty care industry who offer similar services, but through her hard work and perseverance she has overcome these hurdles.

“As it relates to acquiring new customers, I have overcome this challenge by having a strategic marketing plan. And as it relates to comparing my business with others, I took my eyes off of the rest and focused solely on my business and where I envision seeing it. In addition, I ensure to constantly research so that what I produce is the best for my customers,”she said.

One of the highlights of her business thus far was having international supermarket chain Massy Stores decide to retail her items in their store.

“Knowing that our products are sold in multiple Massy Stores is an accomplishment for me and I am working on having our products sold on more stores across the island as well as in regional and international markets as well. Individuals or companies who are interested in learning more about our products can find us on Instagram @gems.natural,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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