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Nakita opens Gabby’s Spa and Wellness

Twenty-nine-year-old Nakita John is the owner of Gabby’s Spa and Wellness which is located at #3 Kirtons, St Phillip.

The former student of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School and Barbados Community College said that she decided to become an entrepreneur seven years ago after she became frustrated with job hunting.

“The business was born out of necessity and later became a passion. As I was perusing a spa brochure a few years ago, I was fascinated by the services being offered and the descriptions. Sometime later after going to my hairdresser, who is also the owner of Nikita’s School of Cosmetology, I decided to enroll in classes for that same semester. After completing the full cosmetology course there. I did other courses in soap making and formulating cosmetics overseas, I decided to start my own business. It was known as Gabby’s Salon & Day Spa and then I found my niche, a few years later, offering spa services and locally made skincare products. The business name was then subsequently changed to Gabby’s Spa & Wellness,” she said.

John said that her spa maintains client’s confidentiality hence why she has many repeat customers returning to her spa on a regular basis.

“Client confidentiality is guaranteed. As a general standard, we don’t take photos of clients during services or after (unless they have requested beforehand), and this has allowed clients to feel safe to be completely relaxed, sleep and snore during services if they care to and wake up feeling brand new. We also incorporate aromatherapy and soothing spa music during services,” she said.

The owner of Gabby’s Spa and Wellness said that COVID-19 has changed the way in which she operates her business, but she remains committed to ensuring the safety of her part-time staff and clients is paramount.

“The pandemic has forced us to make changes in how we do business. All protocols are strictly adhered to – mask-wearing, sanitizing, social distancing, and temperature checks on arrival. We operate by appointment only and they are blocked times in between,to allow for proper sanitizing after each service. Also, no extra persons are allowed to be waiting in the service area. Persons are stressed and the pandemic has not made the situation any easier. They forget to just take a few minutes to unwind and relax. We aim to create a calm environment through soothing music and the aromatherapy that accompanies the rejuvenating services,” she said.

John said that one of the highlights of her business is hearing clients say that they would be back with a friend. She noted that as a small business it always makes her feel ecstatic when she gets referrals. The businesswoman said that after conducting research she decided to develop her own line of locally sourced natural products that would be beneficial to all of her clientele at her spa.

“In my research, I noted that many spa product lines contained numerous, hard-to-pronounce ingredients that clients have no idea of their purpose. I wanted to create a spa line with ingredients that were primarily natural, sustainably sourced, effective, beneficial to all skin types and that clients knew exactly what they were putting on their skin. Many of the products are used during services and are available for retail and wholesale to other small businesses in the spa industry,” she said.

John said that her spa offers personalized spa services where her clients (both male and female) can enjoy massages, facials, pedicures, and manicures.

“No two services are done at the same time as they are all customized to suit the client’s needs with satisfaction guaranteed. We may be cozy and off the beaten path, but we strive for excellence in service each time you come,” she said.

The owner of Gabby’s Spa and Wellness said that persons can book her spa by contacting 843-4668. (Write Right PR Services)

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