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Mellissa McPherson has the POSH lifestyle

If you have never met Mellissa McPherson, then you are missing out on an amazing experience. This thirty-eight-year-old is a bright ball of energy and has a smile that would warm anyone’s heart.

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McPherson is the owner of The Posh Lifestyle which is a business that offers coaching in the areas of mindset and branding, brand identity creation, graphic design services, social media management, and marketing and business training to female entrepreneurs.

Her business name POSH is an acronym for Positive Overcomer Strong-Willed Happy which she believed would inspire female entrepreneurs on their journey. She said that when she created her business three years ago, she wanted to have a business that focused on beauty, elegance, and empowerment.

“Working with female entrepreneurs aligns with my passion for creating beautiful things and spaces and more importantly, I am able to help other female entrepreneurs on the journey as I am on the same journey, therefore, I understand their struggles, pain points, and desires and I am better equipped to cater to their specific needs,” she said.

Despite this McPherson decided in 2020 that she wanted to offer her clients more than just social media marketing services, but that she wanted to provide a more holistic service that would have a greater impact on entrepreneurs. Thus, she decided to add mindset and branding to the list of services she offers.

(Photo Credit: Stonedwithcupidphotography)

“In 2020, I made the decision to pivot my business towards providing a more holistic approach to the services that I provide for my clients. I did not want to provide solely graphic design and marketing services, I wanted to be more impactful. This came about as a result of me working with a coach who helped me turn things around in my business. I had reached a roadblock in my business, and I truly felt like giving up, however, my coach helped me to get a renewed vision for my business where I had more confidence to show up for my business and start going after my goals. I now focus on offering that kind of support for my clients because I understand that the journey is hard sometimes and we as entrepreneurs feel as though we want to give up. Sometimes we need someone to hold us up, holding us accountable, and pushing us forward. I now focus on the client and their brand as a whole in order to elevate their winning mindset and brands,” she said.

The former graduate of the Barbados Community College with an Associate Degree in Arts- Office Administration and Management with Distinction said that she believes a small business must have the correct mindset when entering the world of entrepreneurship.

“Mindset is everything!” It affects how you see yourself, how you see your business, your dedication, and your constituency. It affects everything! Therefore, having the right mindset is key to showing up confidently and consistently on social media,” she said.

McPherson became passionate when she noted that small businesses in Barbados need more opportunities for funding.

“Small businesses need more opportunities for funding! This is the one area that keeps coming up when I speak with small business owners. We need more people who are willing to invest in small businesses. There are a lot of entrepreneurs with great ideas, and some are struggling to get their businesses off the ground due to a lack of funds,” she said.

The owner of The Posh Lifestyle said that she is seeking to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) this year in order to continue to be relentless in the pursuit of her dreams as a business owner. She shared that since becoming a business owner she has learned that having a positive resilient mindset and passion is the key to longevity in the business sector.

“I have learned since starting my business that your passion will get you started on your journey, but you need to have the correct mindset as that will keep you going. I started my business utilizing my passion for designs however, I had to develop a positive, resilient, and growth mindset to keep me going strong today especially with all that is happening in the world,” she said.

Watch the video below to see her interview prepared by the team from Write Right PR Services.

(Video Credit: Stonedwithcupidphotography)

To contact The Posh Lifestyle BB follow them on Instagram @theposhlifestylebb or contact +1246 823-5071.

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