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Meet Rhasheda J Skeete

Rhasheda J Skeete is the owner of The Virtual Assistant an online company that specializes in Administrative Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy and Event and Project Management.

The former student of The Christ Church Foundation School and The University of the West Indies Open Campus where she studied Event Conference Management and Strategic Management said she started her business due to her realizing there was a need for small business owners to stay on top of their administrative tasks.

“I have always been surrounded by small business owners and saw their struggle was predominately maintaining their backend and staying on top of their administrative tasks; coupled with me quitting a job and vowing to never work for anyone else, I decided to become the solution for the overwhelmed small business owner,” she said.

Skeete who holds a certificate in Administrative Management from the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) said that since becoming an entrepreneur the journey has been an interesting one.

“Our business mantra is to organize, prioritize, delegate, and reclaim your time. So since starting my business I have had the pleasure of interacting with and serving so many people and their businesses. Nothing brings me more joy than a satisfied client. One of the highlights thus far has been planning and hosting the launch of Charlie Hardears Book 1- Superdome which was the first book published by Stokely Murray who is the owner of Nantambu Publishing. It was a fantastic experience seeing all the planning come to fruition. The launch and the book were extremely well received and since hosting that launch, we have been able to work with other companies offering that service as well,” she said.

Skeete said that since becoming an entrepreneur she has learnt to trust the process as owning a small business is a constant journey of ebbs and flows.

“Being an entrepreneur is not all glitter and gold and is really a lot of work. Small business ownership is most definitely a marathon and not a sprint, however, one must stay the course,” she said.

But who is Rhasheda J Skeete outside of being the owner of The Virtual Assistant?

She is a lover of literature as she loves to read and listen to music. Moreover, this year she has begun her mission to spend more time exploring the island of Barbados.

To this end, she advises small business owners to embrace outsourcing, so that they too can enjoy days of relaxation.

“The one thing you cannot get back once it's gone is your time so use it wisely. Do the things that light you up and delegate the rest! Ensure that you are absolutely certain that whatever business you start, you are willing to commit to it 1000%. It's literally you vs you. Align yourself with people who are a little further ahead on their journey than you, that can teach and guide you on yours and finally have fun! Small business ownership is truly an amazing experience,” she said.

Skeete’s business can be found on Instagram @_thevirtualassistant, and on Facebook at The Virtual Assistant. Interested persons can also send her an email at Right PR Services)

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