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Meet Kim Worrell-The owner of Libraal Mobile Spa

Kim Worrell is the owner of Libraal Mobile Spa, which is a mobile spa that offers Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage, MLD, Swedish Massage, Pedicures, Body Steams and Sugar Scrubs.

The former student of St. James Secondary School said that she decided to become an entrepreneur seven years ago when she became interested in massage therapy.

“I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur seven years ago while working in the hotel industry. While in the restaurant my heart was longing to someday be a massage therapist. I wanted to learn all about the human body and to use my hands to help my clients with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from the love of my job,” she said.

Worrell who has been operating her mobile spa for three years said they are a lot of benefits to be obtained from having frequent massages.

“I believe Barbadians should have frequent massages as it can help with reducing stress, boosts your immunity, can improve someone’s sleep pattern, increases the circulation in the body, limits depression, improves flexibility as well as aids digestion,” she said.

The owner of Libraal Mobile Spa said that she has many repeat clients who enjoy her Swedish Massage and Luxury Facials.

“My clients thoroughly enjoy my Swedish Massages and luxury facials. With the onset of COVID-19, our business safeguards our clients by sanitizing the area as well as conducting temperature checks of our clients and staff as the safety of our customers is paramount,” she said.

Worrell said her business name translated means a balance and love and she shares her love with her clients as they come to her company for their services.

“The name Libraal Mobile Spa came from when I was doing my classes and we all had to decide a name for our business. It took me two weeks to decide on a business name. I am a Libra. I said why not just add (al) and that is my heart. Libraal means balance and love for what I do,” she said.

The owner of Libraal Mobile Spa which can be found on Instagram @libraalmobilespa_246 said entrepreneurship has taught her to never give up. Thus, she has some words of encouragement for any young person who is seeking to become a massage therapist.

“Never give up! You must put in the time and work to see the results. If you have that vision to start your own business just go for it. Find out all the requirements you need to get there but never let your dream be a dream. Get up a finish will start, no matter how long it takes,” she said.

Worrell thanked all of the persons who would have helped her along her journey.

“Special thanks to my teacher Portia Doyle, My Assessor and Teachers from the School of Holistic Therapies and to everyone who believes in me, I thank you,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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