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Marshall pushing ICT in Barbados

Shayne Marshall is the Managing Director of Kitji Studios. The tech company which has been in operation from 2017 is located in Breedy’s Land, Silver Sands, Christ Church and offers software engineering, reverse engineering, software development and maintenance, systems analysis and design, project management and systems architecture.

The former student of Combermere School who holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management from the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, said he decided to start the business to highlight his team which comprises skilled Barbadians. His team, which comprises eight highly trained individuals, can provide services and solutions to the local and international market, which, if applied correctly could transform Barbados into a global solutions hub for software and information and communication technology (ICT) services.

“I decided to start Kitji Studios as I was plateauing in the corporate role, and I was tired of the lack of upward professional mobility for myself as a software developer. My current role allows me the flexibility to conceive, engineer and deliver solutions for a wider market. Since starting the company, we have built a bespoke solution for Barbados Customs and Excise Department and completed two real time processing (RTP) integrations for two financial institutions. We conceptualized and are engineering an overtime payment and ledger system Private Electronic Ledger and Accounting System (PELAS), an online Identity Access Management (IAM) system called UTELL and Multiuser Integrated Research Implementation and Archives Management (MIRIAM), an online access portal to local historical archive information” he said.

Marshall said the flagship solutions PELAS and UTELL he is seeking to launch in January 2023 will be of benefit to all Barbadians citizens and illustrate that software solutions are far more accessible and affordable than you may believe.

“PELAS is a solution that enhances record keeping, customer (internal and external) management, auditing and salary remunerations for any Government department that performs overtime duties outside of designated office hours. Whereas UTELL enhances the accurate identification of consumers in Barbados. Moreover, it will facilitate the secure transfer and consumption of data by private and public entities in Barbados. Finally, it will grant all users the ability to manage their personally identifiable information (PII) apart from public and private entities,” he said.

As the world celebrates 2023 Marshall said Kitji Studios seeks to continue to amplify the software development and tech industry in Barbados by introducing established foreign companies to the ICT industry in Barbados.

The real time payment (RTP) platform is integral to the Fintech industry as our company Kitji Studios is involved in the integration of RTP solutions, we seek to present and develop a software solution MIRIAM to grant every Barbadian access to their historical information stored at Barbados National Archive Department, augment and enhance UTELL for its launch, as well as provide a solution to assist with the rapid onboarding of foreign investors,” he said.

Marshall invites persons who are interested in finding out more information about Kitji Studios to visit the website and or email (Write Right PR Services)

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