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Marcia has A Purpose Life

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Marcia Armstrong is a woman of God who is the owner of A Purpose Life, a company that coaches working professional women with the tools to improve their financial literacy.

The former Alleyne Secondary School student described herself as a God-fearing woman who is powerful, resilient, and determined to assist persons with breaking their financial strongholds.

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“I am a God-fearing woman who is fully surrendered to God's will for her life regardless of what it looks like to others. The spirit of joy exudes from my heart and creates positive energy with those I encounter. I am not afraid to hear the word "no" as it only fuels me to keep going. I am powerful, resilient, determined, and apt to achieve anything I want to do in this life, and I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I have been called to the nations to break financial strongholds and birth purpose that lies dormant in people. Remember the name as it will be world-renowned,” she said.

Armstrong has an Associate Degree in Office Administration and Management from the Barbados Community College with merit, a Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a concentration in International Business which she received from The University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus with Honours and an MBA from the University of South Wales said she decided to name her business A Purpose Life back in 2019 when she was given the name by God.

(Photo Credit: Stonedwithcupidphotography)

“In August 2019, when I was deciding what to call my business, God told me to call it A Purpose Life. I am a finance coach, but I am different from others because I look at your life holistically. Therefore, I not only teach you how to create wealth but enrich your life as well so that you live a purposeful life,” she said.

Armstrong said she decided to pursue entrepreneurship after she received a financial breakthrough and decided she wanted to share her experience with others while keeping God at the center of her business.

“I experienced a financial breakthrough in 2018 where I became a better steward of my finances. This new approach to cultivating a healthy relationship with money resulted in me becoming debt-free one year later. After that milestone, I felt led to share my strategies with other career women so that they also break financial strongholds off of their lives and be given the freedom to design their dream life. It is because of God I am where I am today, therefore he gets the glory because I don't operate from my own strength but his. Knowing your identity is the epicenter because, from that foundation, your thoughts, behaviours, and actions flow. I want others to see what a life walking with God looks like. God is the CEO of every area of my life which includes my business. I am just a stakeholder managing the resources he's given me,” she said.

Armstrong is passionate about helping professional women break the generational cycle of financial poverty. She believes that for women to successfully achieve this they need to be a part of a community that stretches their mindset, a community such as A Purpose Life.

(Photo Credit: Stonedwithcupidphotography)

“I love to see people operate in their purpose and calling. When I see the transformation in my client's lives, it reinforces the call upon my life. The world is dynamic and constantly evolving and I believe our lives should reflect that. This is not the time to settle and operate in life below your true potential and capacity but rather to step up and run after what rightfully belongs to you. Get up every day with intentionality, gratitude, and focus. To reach the pinnacle in your life, you aspire to be, you have to connect and align with the right people. There is an African proverb that says if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. You need community and a circle that stretches you beyond your limited mindset. At every level of your life, you need mentorship so that you not only reach your destination but maintain your position. True maturity understands it is not about competition but collaboration,” she said.

How does her business facilitate the community while ensuring the professional women can become financially literate?

The business owner said her business conducts physical workshops which are designed to teach the tools for financial literacy as well as provide consultations for small business startups.

“I conduct online and physical workshops for private and governmental organizations on various financial literacy topics such as Budgeting, Saving, Debt repayment strategies, and Money Mindset. Additionally, I provide QuickBooks consultation for small business startups where I train and equip their employees which position them to provide accurate and quality information to lending institutions and investors,” she said.

Armstrong’s words of encouragement for any small business owner is to not let the past define their future.

"Just a word of encouragement, do not let your past define your future. You hold the pen in your hand to write the best story of your life. You determine how it will end. It is not how you start but how you finish. My mantra is, "No one can believe in you, more than you do,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

To watch her interview click the link below:

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