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Marcia Armstrong helping persons manage their finances

Marcia Armstrong is the owner of A Purpose Life which is a company that

mentors working professional women with the tools to improve their financial literacy.

The former Alleyne Secondary School student who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a concentration in International Business which she received from The University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus with Honours and an MBA from the University of South Wales is hosting a free masterclass on November 30th, 2022, to hep persons manage their finances.

“The Master Your Money: The 3-Step Framework to Money Confidence is a free class masterclass I am offering to help people manage their finances. One of my functions as a Personal Finance Strategist and Coach is to educate, equip and empower others in their finances and I want to give persons the tools they need to end the year with a financial plan heading into the new year.I will be covering the below three areas:The #1 Reason Why You Don't Have Enough Money Leftover At The End Of The Month, The Money Key You Need To Start Building Wealth Even If You're In Debt and How To Not Make The Mistake Of Thinking A Higher Salary Means Financial Security. A workbook will also be provided for registrants. We have a 100-seating capacity and given limited space and ongoing registrations, I encourage persons to sign up by using the following link:,” she said.

Armstrong has been continuing to set her mark as one of the top personal financial coaches in Barbados as not only was she awarded by Brainz 500 earlier this year she was also interviewed by international newspaper Vayage ATL.

“I was approached by this publication through a nomination. This is now my second feature from Atlanta this year and I am so happy I got to share my entrepreneurial journey and mission on this international platform,” she said.

The woman of God said following her free masterclass she will be offering a personal finance course dubbed The Wealthy Millennial Society.

“It is a signature course that gives millennial corporate professionals the tools and management skills they need to master their finances in 8 weeks--even if they weren't taught how to manage money, feel like they don't make enough, or aren't good with numbers.This is a long-time dream of mine and I have worked really hard behind the scenes to get to this moment. I've been in coaching for roughly four years so having a space where I can curate all that I've learned over time and teach my founding members live each week is a blessing,” she said.

Armstrong said her business has evolved since being featured in multiple newspapers in Barbados eight months ago.

“My business has evolved so much. I have been very active in the corporate space where I do online workshops on Financial Wellness. I also teach financial literacy to entrepreneurs and small business owners every month with my collaborative partners. Additionally, I had a life-changing experience this year when I was invited by President Janeil Odel to do a Financial Planning workshop for The National United Society of The Blind.The feedback was so amazing I cried. One person said, "She is a great asset to Barbados.” Even though she was fully aware that she was presenting to persons with disabilities, unlike other persons, she treated us like equals and did not judge or discriminate in any way. I also became an Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author where I joined other co-authors for the book, "No More Breadcrumbs Sis, We Buying The Bakery,” she said.

The owner of A Purpose Life had some tips for persons to save funds during the Yuletide season.

“1. Have a budget

Because you are paid earlier in December, you want to budget your money for things like groceries, bills, gifts, decor, etc. Spend within the limits you have set because you won't get paid again until January so don't over-extend.

2. Be Present

Focus on what truly matters which is the time you spend with your loved ones. Presents are great but it's an awesome feeling when you are in someone's presence.

3. Give yourself grace

If factors in your household have changed due to job loss, or reduced hours to name a few. Do not blame yourself for things outside of your control. Christmas is one day and you have a lifetime ahead of you.

4. Don't keep up with the Joneses

This is the time when people compare themselves. Focus on your bank account and what you can afford. Don't buy things that you don't need to impress people who don't know you exist.

5. Say No To Debt

Refrain from going into debt unnecessarily especially if you don't have a plan for the money or have the money to repay. Ignore the numerous ads being pushed at you, for example, pre-approved credit cards and unsecured loans,” she said.

Armstrong said that her next step as the owner of A Purpose Life is to continue to deliver amazing courses to her founding students. (Write Right PR Services)

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