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Kobe Bowen is the new Head Coach of Premier Martial Arts Barbados

Kobe Bowen is the owner of K’bs Kickboxing and the new Head Coach of Premier Martial Arts Barbados.

Premier Martial Arts which is located in Warrens, St Michael offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes for all ages.

Bowen who is a professional MMA athlete said that his transition to Head Coach has been smooth as he is now able to cater to his clients in a more professional setting.

“My experience has been an enlightened journey for myself and my clients. What I believe sets me apart is the bond I share with my clients as we grow together and hone the art of kickboxing. I now cater to a class of more than 20 students. I still have my brand I also have begun a sports t-shirt brand as well,” he said.

Bowen said that the merger with Premier Martial Arts Barbados allows him to provide a healthy environment for his esteemed clients.

“I think this merger has helped me in reaching a new demographic with teaching children. Prior to this I mainly coached a more mature demographic so the experience has been both fun and insightful,” he said.

The businessman and head coach at Premier Martial Arts said he thoroughly enjoys his new clientele as some of them are focused primarily on fitness while others are interested in learning self-defense tactics.

“The art of BJJ is that it allows a smaller person to control a larger attacker without any kicks or punches but when taught correctly it would teach students respect, modesty, and discipline. The school is the lone school of its kind on island so a lot of persons attend for a mixture of fitness as well as self-defense. How I teach our sessions is that we focus on both components simultaneously. As I believe that all of the techniques shown can assist an individual in cases of self-defense but also can tone and sculpt their body as it is a full body workout,” he said.

Bowen had some words of advice for anyone seeking to pursue a career in the fitness industry which is to stay consistent.

“My advice to any young person reading this would be to stay consistent and stay focused. Motivation is like a shower and I recommend it daily,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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