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Khalila Worrell has the Med Hub

Two months ago, Khalila Worrell decided to start her business The Med Hub 246. The online business offers medical supplies and paraphernalia- masks, scrubs, medical Jibbitz for Crocs as well as medical equipment.

(Image of Khalila Worrell in her attire which is sold at her business The Med Hub BB)

Worrell who is a former Harrison College student said that she always envisioned having her own medical supply store as she is a trained medical doctor.

“I always envisioned having a medical supply store as a business as I am a medical practitioner and finding practical supplies such as scrubs and or comfortable shoes can be difficult in Barbados. I would always have to travel to get those things at a reasonable cost and a wide variety,” she said.

Adding that she decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship was COVID-19.

“Covid-19 was truly the reason that pushed me to start the business as I was not able to travel as I needed for supplies, and I realized that there were others that could be having the same issues. As a result, there was a surge of persons as it became easy to just order and receive the shipment in a matter of days. One of the highlights of my career as an entrepreneur is discovering how much I enjoyed it and I am dedicated to providing quality supplies for persons in the medical fraternity as I realized that some of them encountered the same difficulties that I did” she said.

The medical doctor who completed her studies at both The University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and The University of The West Indies Mona said she wanted to become a doctor from the tender age of eight-years-old.

“One of the highlights of my career as a medical professional was completing medical school as it was a dream of mine to be a doctor from the early age of eight. The road travelled was not an easy one and through the many hurdles I was able to overcome and obtain my degree,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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