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Kesean Abrams hosting his first art exhibit

Twenty-two-year-old Kesean Abrams is a Guyanese-born artist who is hosting his first

exhibition Real Talk at the Center for Hybrid Studies, Spirit Bond, Wharf Road, St

Michael from September 25th , - October 25th, 2022.

The former student of Parkinson Secondary School said that he was always involved in

art and is inspired by anything around him.

“Art is in my blood, and I am inspired by everything around me, nature, people and even

memories. That is why I decided that I wanted to name my first exhibition Real Talk as

it seeks to inspire young persons about what life is like outside of the school setting. In

this exhibition I want to speak to young men especially and show them how they can

lead a more fulfilling life,” he said.

Abrams who is also the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Law

from The University Of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus said that since he has been

an artist has been a part of six exhibitions. The most recent was at the Visual Arts

Exhibition in Queen’s Park Steel Shed where he had the opportunity to live paint

alongside some of the most revered artists in Barbados namely Shane Eastmond and

Brandon Best.

In his career, he has never seen the challenges he faced as problems but as

opportunities in which he has learnt how to perfect his craft and grow his art into a

viable business.

“Since becoming a professional artist two years ago I have honed my craft through

constant practice and relentless dedication. Every day when I come from work, I would

dedicate eight hours to practicing drawing and painting on cavass any idea that came

mind and over time I realized that the quality of my work had improved and I was ready

to begin my journey as a solo exhibitor,” he said.

Abrams is expecting a large turnout at his free exhibition which begins on September

25th, 2022, at 10am-3 pm daily.

“I am inviting members of the public to come out and support my free exhibition as I

have been working really hard on this and I believe the people of Barbados would

thoroughly enjoy what I have to offer. I must thank Dr. Deryck Murray and the staff of

the Centre of Hybrid Studies for the support they have given me in this venture,” he

said. (Write Right PR Services)

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