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Joyful Soul

Karen Jahren Thomas is a reggae artiste from the beautiful island of Barbados. The former student of Springer Memorial Secondary School realized that she had a passion for music while attending church at a young age.

“I grew up with one of my siblings being a Rastafarian. He played reggae music continuously at home and he was a member of The Twelves Tribes of Israel; where I also visited regularly and it was there that I saw and heard authentic reggae music being administered through dance, song and drums and I said that I would be a reggae singer,” she said.

The reggae artiste who recently released her song Joyful Soul on local radio airwaves said the inspiration for the song came when she was going through a rough time in her life.

“The inspiration for Joyful Soul came when I was going through a tough time in my life and nothing seemed to have been going in my favour, so I decided to write an uplifting song to not only see if my situation would change but also give me a more positive attitude towards life,” she said.

Jahren said that when persons listen to her music, she wants them to feel as though it is a breath of fresh air.

“I want that when people listen to my music that it helps them to be at peace with themselves and give them upliftment of spirit. One of the highlights of my career was in 2006 when I was granted the opportunity to perform in Brooklyn at a reggae show compliments of Angel Sound and Fimba and I was well-received,” she said.

Jahren’s track was produced by Colin Shammuah Roach from Monarchial Entertainment.

“Working with Shammuah is truly a blessing. He works hard and helps to provide you with the tools necessary for success. He is strong and articulate and has an ear for music like no one I had ever encountered before. Very easy going, very professional and also will stop at nothing to ensure a project is fully completed. I can say with Monarchial Entertainment I have not only found the perfect manager, but I consider him family,” she said.

The reggae artiste who has been performing for over a decade word of advice for any aspiring reggae artiste is to stay self-motivated, work hard and persevere through the tough times,” she said.

Jahren ft Eboni Rootz is scheduled to perform at the 3rd Edition for the Bridgetown International Arts Festival 2022. For more information on her performance dates, you can follow her on Instagram @xxjahren. (Write Right PR Services)

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