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Joe Cloudy brings the vibe to his business

Jomario Joe Cloudy Goddard is the owner of Dreaming Cloud Films a company that specializes in professional videography services. The company which has been operating for the past seven years has been growing from strength to strength since his introduction to film back when he was a dancer with popular dance group ADL Adrenaline Dancers.

“I was involved in film through making dance videos with ADL when we started the group. I was the person that recorded and edited the videos. The feedback I got was that the videos were to the standard that they could be disseminated on lone TV station CBC. I used the initial feedback to do a lot more research and became a professional videographer,” he said.

The former student of Alleyne Secondary School said that his company which is located in Melrose, St Thomas is seeking to expand and he has already started the process of training interested persons in the art of videography and video editing.

Dreaming Cloud Films is located both in Barbados and internationally as I travel abroad to many countries worldwide. It is a moving entity at this time. Work is getting beyond one person as I started the business with myself as the lone videographer and now it has expanded to our company providing a range of services for our clients. We are slowly evolving the company into both music and video production as well,” he said.

Outside of being a businessman Goddard is also a recording artiste and has released his single Such A Vibe on Hott 95.3 over the weekend. He said the song sought to inspire persons that no matter what they are going through that they could have a vibe regardless of their circumstances.

“I want persons to listen to this song and know that no matter what happens in their day it can be a positive vibe as they can start on a fresh page feeling happy, motivated, and stronger than before. I want them to be in “such a vibe” that nothing could break them,” he said.

The owner of Dreaming Cloud Films said his latest single Such A Vibe was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by his company. Thus, he is seeking to incorporate music into his business moving forward and has already found upcoming recording artiste who are ready to take their music to the next level.

“I am on a mission to build my company in the community. I want to create video and music packages and export them at the highest quality. I am also working with L.O. Gabz and two other upcoming dancehall artiste from my community. Being a recording artiste there are a lot of experiences that I learnt the hard way my goal with this company is to help artiste grow as recording artiste by sharing some of the knowledge that I have learned over the years,” he said.

To listen to his single Such A Vibe click the link below:

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