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Islandlinkz partners with Marshall Trading

Islandlinkz partners with Marshall Trading

This weekend Islandlinkz and Marshall Trading Limited are teaming up to offer their first series of pop-up shops dubbed Try Bajan, Buy Bajan.

The pop-up shops will be held on Friday, December 17th- Saturday, December 18th 2021 from 9 am-5 pm at the Marshall Trading Cane Gardens, St Thomas as well as their Six Roads, St. Phillip location. The initiative was conceptualized by the owner of Islandlinkz Lindsay Babb as well as his associate who is also an employee at Marshall’s Trading Julianne Elliott.

“Julianne Elliott, who is one of Islandlinkz associates is an employee of Marshall Trading had approached me about a similar initiative. We decided to put our ideas together and teamed up and created the slogan "Try Bajan, Buy Bajan” and proposal. I did the artwork the same night we had the initial conversation. Following that initial conversation, I sent a proposal to the Sales Manager at Marshall Trading Lianna Maynard who approved the proposal and has been very keen on ensuring that this initiative comes to fruition” he said.

Babb said that the concept Try Bajan, Buy Bajan was to allow Barbadians an opportunity to meet local manufacturers and be able to sample and purchase their products.

“It is a collaboration between Islandlinkz and Marshall Trading to allow local manufacturers to get their products out and let Barbadians sample their products. Basically, it is a sample and sell, where the customer samples the products, and the manufacturers sell. It is designed for persons to meet local manufacturers whom they may not know as their products are not sold in the supermarkets, therefore a lot of persons would not be able to know about their line of products. Marshall Trading is a business that has been operating in Barbados for years and we are pleased that they decided to come on board with this initiative,” he said.

The event which is set for every weekend until the end of March 2022 will host Islandlinkz Rum Punch, Valeria Wines, Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing, Konquering taste, Jaii Bakes as well as persons from the Barbados Trust Loans Fund Limited.

Babb invited all members of the public to come out to Marshall Trading at Cane Gardens, St Thomas and their Six Roads, St Phillip locations to meet Barbadian manufacturers and get some locally made products for the Yuletide season.

“I would like to invite all Barbadians to come out to both locations of Marshall’s Trading this weekend and every weekend until the end of March and purchase some of the products made by the local manufacturers. This is an opportunity for you to meet a local manufacturer, sample their products and have one of their locally manufactured products in your home for the holidays. And even if you cannot make a purchase you can share on your social media pages, take a photo with the manufacturer, or tell a friend. As our main goal is to sensitize the public about the local manufacturing industry,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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