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Invest in your Financial Future

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Branded Bunch held its inaugural event dubbed Brunch and Business Your Financial Future at the Hilton Resort over the weekend. The event which featured 25 small and medium-sized businesses offer them needed financial advice from some of the industry's major experts.

(The members of Branded Bunch pose for a quick photoshoot with the founder of Branded Bunch Ashley Phillips (back center) Photo credit: TQ Media

Speaking to the media, founder of Bijou Media and Branded Bunch Ashley Phillips said that she decided to host the event to help business owners to understand the financial aspects of a business.

Adding that the sessions which would be conducted by Marketing Manager of Massy Properties Ian Donovan, Financial Advisor Arlene Bolden, and Winston Alleyne- Co-Founder of City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union Limited aimed to teach the small business owners the intricacies of financial planning.

“Everyone right now is purchasing the essentials, so small businesses need to find ways to redefine their brand and come up with new ideas to attract customers during this time and we are going to be touching on that in her conference today. The thing about small businesses many of them do not sign up for the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), they do not have business bank accounts and that is because they do not know the benefits and we really want to educate them on these factors. Whether you are a small business or not you still should pay NIS, you still should have a bank account because they are benefits,” she said.

(From left Co-Founder of City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union Limited, Winston Alleyne, Founder of Bijou Media and Branded Bunch, Ashley Phillips, Financial Advisor, Arlene Bolden and Marketing Manager of Massy Properties, Ian Donovan at Brunch and Business Your Financial Future held at Hilton Resort Barbdos on July 25th, 2021) Photo credit: TQ Media.

Phillips said that she noticed that small businesses in Barbados have had a myriad of challenges in the past two years with COVID-19, Volcanic Ash, and Hurricane Elsa. Thus, she welcomes all of them to join her organization Branded Bunch for a small subscription fee a month.

“We cater to all small businesses whether they be small or large as we want their creativity to come out and be developed in the right way therefore, we are going to be using strategies to get small businesses where they need to be at. It is one thing to have a brilliant idea but it is another thing to know how to format that and bring it together so your business can be successful,” she said.

(Founder of Bijou Media and Branded Bunch Ashley Phillips delivering her address on brand strategies to a very attentive audience.) Photo credit: TQ Media

The founder of Branded Bunch and Bijou Media said that small business owners must have a cohesive brand strategy for their business.

“Plan your strategy, if you are not comfortable with what you see rebuild it and ensure you have the right strategy and go from there. A steady strategy is what you need going forward in this time. It is very important at this time to network as you need to have a professional social media space. Right now, it is important to get out there and network on social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and make sure that persons know who you are and make your mark on society,” she said.

The event which was hosted at the Hilton Resort and ran from 10 a.m. to 2.p.m. allowed the invitees to have financial sessions which explained to them why they never should give up on their dreams.

Winston Alleyne, who is the Co-Founder of City of Bridgetown Co-optima Credit Union, said just that in his enlightening session where he explained the humble beginnings that he began COB with thirty-eight years ago.

He explained that he sought to get a loan from a commercial bank and that they told him that he needed to have security for the loan and that got him to thinking that if there was an organization that allowed persons once they had proof of income to qualify for a loan, he could assist persons like himself who did not have the sureties as required back then when he applied.

Thus, he sought to redefine the financial sector by having an organization that was not focused on profit but on ensuring working-class black persons in Barbados have an opportunity to thrive, as they have an organization that will assist them as they maneuver life. Alleyne noted that COB had moved from a mere 10 members to now having 66,000 members and grossing near half a million dollars each year.

Financial Advisor Arlene Alleyne gave the invitees positive reaffirmation telling them that they should not see themselves as small business owners but as ambitious owners because that they are on the journey to build their business.

“You are the catalyst for change in this economy. You guys create jobs for individuals. We know while jobs are being created money is circulating, so right now you all are the most important individuals, and you all need to understand that. So that when difficult times come you do not have to roll over and play dead,” she said.

Marketing Manager from Massy Properties Ian Donovan explained to the 25 attendees the benefits of using Digi screens and told all Branded Bunch members that they would receive a substantial discount on their service when they register.

“I am pleased to announce to all members of Branded Bunch that you guys will receive a discount when you sign up to advertise with Digi screens. Advertising is important as people need to know what you have. You can be giving away gold but if no- one knows where you are, or what you’re giving away, no one is going to come,” he said.

Phillips wished to thank everyone for attending the event and said that she is seeking to have another event very soon.

“I wish to thank all those who attended yesterday’s Brunch and Business event it was truly inspiring to see so many small business owners investing in themselves by coming out. I want to especially thank the presenters and sponsors Massy Properties for all they did to make the event a success. I want to thank Richiann Massiah Sales and Marketing Manager from the Hilton Resort for her exceptional job yesterday in ensuring the location was stunning as well as all of the COVID-19 standards were enforced,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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