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Harewood writes on ‘Masters’ and ‘Saviors’ in his new book

Ian Harewood is a Barbadian author who writes under the pseudonym Mule Mind, is the author of the book “Some Look For Masters and Some Look For Saviors.”

The book, which was released On August 8th, 2021, and has already received a five-star review on Amazon is a collection of his dating experiences over the years after multiple failed relationships in which he was the Savior. Subsequently, he began to realize that some women preferred men who were ‘Masters’.

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“I went through a couple of failed relationships, and I was always the good guy in the relationships. I was raised and taught that I should always be the good guy in the relationship and still had bad breakups. I was trying to figure out what I had done wrong in the relationships, and it reminded me of the saying that good guys finish last. Over the years by observing other people and their relationships and watching how good women deal with guys who are bad guys and treat them badly and despite that treatment these women still love those men. I was like here I am a good guy and treat women well- why is it I cannot find someone who would go hard for me?” he said.

(Photo Credit: Stonedwithcupidphotography)

Harewood said that in doing his self-introspection he decided that his research should be compiled in a book to educate his male peers who were facing similar situations in their relationship journeys.

“I thought that I should share the information with guys who are like my former self. I have not gotten any negative response from persons. Even my editor who read the book said he could identify a lot of the traits in the book as he identified himself as a Savior back in his previous relationships. Now that he is a different individual, he considers himself more of a ‘Master,’” he said.

The first-time author said that the concept of the book was two-fold in that the ‘Savior’ is seen as the Hero while the ‘Master’ is seen as the Anti-Hero. However, during the book persons would realize that the Savior is the one who suffers the most in their relationships.

“The concept of the book is the ‘Master’ and the ‘Savior’. The Hero and Anti-hero. When you read the book, some people may identify the ‘Master’ as being the bad guy and the ‘Savior’ as being the good guy but many times in the book the Savior is the one that ends up losing because he is the one that is putting in 90 percent in the relationship and the other person is putting in 10 percent, and when the relationship is over he is the one that loses the most in the relationship. Basically, in the book I say that Savior gets beaten to a pulp for his good deeds,” he said.

Harewood said that he wants persons who read his book, especially men to understand that in the age of women being independent that it is ok for a woman to take care of them.

“In this time women are more independent so they can’t expect that a man is supposed to do all the thinking for her and save her from the brutal crazy world and she can’t save herself. I feel that a woman can save herself. Sometimes, men can allow women to take the lead and provide for both of them,” he said.

Harewood invited persons to read his book by heading over to Amazon by clicking the link below:

Some Look For Masters & Some Look For Saviors - Kindle edition by Mind, Mule. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ (Write Right PR Services)

To watch his full interview click the link below:

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