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EQI Caribbean offering directory services

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Mark Foster is the owner of EQI Caribbean which is an online directory service for the Caribbean in conjunction with digital advertising services.

Foster who started the business three years ago said he produced a platform that benefited both customers who were in search of a service and providers who wanted to list their service.

“A few years ago, I was in search for a quotation on a particular service. I became frustrated by having to call and or contact each individual service provider. I thought there needed to be a more efficient way to secure quotes. This gave me the idea of producing a platform that benefitted both customers who were in search of a service and providers who wanted to list their services. We wanted to change the nature of static directory listings in the Caribbean. Way too much effort goes into marketing your business or product at too high of a rate. We wanted to create an environment to level the marketing playing field and not differentiate by your available budget. With our platform, opportunities are created for all,” he said.

Foster who is a former student of the Alexandra School and a registered Chartered Insurance Professional said his company’s mantra is a directory with a difference. He said that his company prides themselves by offering an unmatched directory.

“We pride ourselves in being different by offering an unmatched directory service which allows members to list and market their products and services. Our platform allows members to do the following: list your business, add your booking schedule, receive quote requests from customers, post classifieds, job vacancies events, property sales and rentals, coupons, photos, and videos. Members control their own listing from their dashboard and best yet, there are no annual contracts as our packages start from as low as 40 USD a year,” he said.

Foster said that he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur after he was told by one of his friends that he should take his own advice. Since then, he has been able to work for companies that provided opportunities for growth.

“I have always been keen to offer advice to friends regarding business opportunities and one day someone said Mark maybe you should take your own advice. To work for companies where the owners saw my potential and provided opportunities for growth. Brand awareness is very important, and you must be able to deliver a consistent quality of service,” he said.

The owner of EQI said that his company has created a comprehensive platform to address the needs of members in a way that offers more flexibility, autonomy, and options at a very reasonable price point.

“We believe we have created a comprehensive platform to address the needs of members in a way that offers more flexibility, autonomy and options at a very reasonable price point. I think the sector within itself has changed due to Covid-19. The use of technology has become more prominent in the way we do business. This has translated into increased efficiency in some areas, however a push to further educate is needed,” he said.

Foster said that the most popular searches are doctors and insurance companies. As with their real-time analytics, members are able to review how often persons search for their services, use their contact number, or click on their website. The company will be having specials for the island’s move to the republic on November 30th, 2021.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and innovation. We treat our customers like prospects and our prospects like customers. EQI Caribbean will continue to develop technologies with the aim of offering directory and marketing solutions to the MSME sector. Striking a balance of affordability and available features, also ensuring opportunities are made available for an online presence that can lead to the development of commerce for businesses, he said.

To start searching EQI Caribbean's directory click the link below:

Service Providers Directory - Find Service Providers - EQI Caribbean Directory

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