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Dover Delighting with her sweet treats.

Oneka Dover is the founder of Dover’s Delights which is a company that specializes in delicious cakes and pastries. Back in July, Dover held a small launch party for her business surrounded by her close friends, workmates, and fellow small business owners at her Prior Park, St. James home.

Speaking to the media Dover said that she decided to open her business one year ago during the COVID-19 period as a surety in case she became unemployed.

“The reason I started my business was because I saw the number of persons that were unemployed during that period and although I am an essential worker, I decided to start my business if I too became unemployed. I always had a passion for baking and cooking, and I got that from my mom. I started baking my cakes and pastries and gave it to my friends and family to taste, and I told them I am going to start a cake business. I did many recipes to change textures and flavours after which I decided to start my business doing cakes. All of my customers have been recommended by persons who have tasted my cakes. I have decided to push the business a bit more as the response is very good and I am feeling comfortable and overwhelmed,” she said.

Dover, who is originally from Guyana said that her passion for baking and cooking came from learning to bake with her mom.

“My passion for baking started when I would bake with my mom. Oh yes, I have my mom’s receipes- her Christmas Great Cake as it was our family favourite. May her soul rest in peace. I made sure to pay close attention to that receipe,” she said.

The qualified nurse said persons come to her company to enjoy her various cakes and pastries as they thoroughly enjoy her textures and flavours.

“To be honest all of my product is really good. My chocolate cake is very moist, my vanilla cake is great because I pay attention to texture and flavour. I am here to top the game therefore, I pay more attention to textures, flavours, and presentation. It is one year into the business I do cakes, treats, and favours. Everything I send out has a great response from my customers,” she said.

The owner of Dover’s Delights said that her next step is to open a small bakery in Barbados as well as one in her native Guyana.

“I have great plans to have a front shop and extend my business. I also have a plan to open a branch in Guyana where I am originally from that is my plan as well,” she said.

Dover’s business mentor Mellissa McPherson from The Posh Lifestyle was present at the event and said that she could not be prouder of Oneka.

“It has been a pleasure working with Oneka and her brand launch. She came to me to do the brand launch for her business to assist with developing her brand identity. It was a fantastic project, and I am happy to share this moment with her as she is very passionate and driven. Today is the first step of what she has in store as she has a big vision and I am so happy to be here,” she said.

The essential worker for the past ten years and businesswoman said that she wished to thank Jenell Weekes from JT’s Innovation for designing her stunning launch party décor.

“I am enjoying myself; I am happy as this is what I wanted, and this is a big step. Most of the persons here are small business owners. First of all, I would like to give a special thank you to JT’s Innovation as from the time you stepped in there was that wow factor. I was blown away myself. I would also like to thank The Posh Lifestyle and Alicia’s Kitchen as it was a lot of small businesses that came together,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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