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Desriel representing Barbados in Japan

It is not every day that you meet a Barbadian living in Japan that is doing exceptional things.

(Image of Desriel Greenidge)

Desriel Greenidge is a Barbadian author and teacher living in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The author who writes under the pseudonym Lady L. Lynx said she moved to Japan because she wanted to be involved in education while sharing Barbadian culture.

“I wanted to pursue a career in education that allowed me to teach about beautiful Barbados.”

With a smile that is infectious, she said that relocating to Japan has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. " My novel Kishin to Monsters was heavily influenced by Japanese culture and folklore. The story revolves around a young woman from the Caribbean relocating to Japan and encountering mystical forces.”

Her book Burning The Mirror’s Image is on the Japanese best sellers list in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry. She noted that she realized she had a passion for writing and storytelling.

“I always had an appreciation for Creative Arts and a passion for Story-telling. My mother, Doriel Yvette Williams, author of Memorable Moments of Barbados Volume 1-4 always encouraged me to pursue my talent for writing poetry and fiction.”

She added that one of her proudest moments as an author has been seeing her poem Black Rights featured in Koku Zine, which is a magazine published in Japan.

“I felt genuinely humbled and proud when my poem Black Rights from my book of poetry Burning The Mirror’s Image was featured in the Koku Zine magazine here in Japan. It was a pleasure working with the editors and having sections of my work translated into Japanese.”

She said that she knew at the tender age of eleven that she wanted to be an author.

“Honestly, I wanted to be an author since I was a young child. At age 11, I participated in the Spirit of the Nation Show in Barbados and performed one of my mom’s poetry pieces representing the parish of St. George. I remember in that moment on stage, wanting someday to be reciting a poem or reading an extract from my own book.”

Greenidge, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology from The University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus said that she misses Barbados, her homeland.

“I deeply miss the tropical climate. The biggest challenge that I have had living abroad is surviving the colder seasons. I miss Barbados’ sunny weather and tropical climate.”

As an English Teacher in Japan, she said she has not had much challenges teaching in a foreign country as she has been blessed to be around amazing teachers and students.

“It actually has not been much of a challenge at all. I have been very fortunate in that I have always been employed at schools with amazing teachers and students. It has been a fantastic experience thus far.”

Greenidge had some words of advice for young persons seeking to apply their skills abroad, it was to be patient with yourself.

“There will always be challenges when adjusting to a new culture. They may be differences in social norms, climate, cuisine, and other aspects of life. Be patient with yourself, and the new environment and people. Find joy where you can,”

Greenidge wished to invite persons to read her three books Burning The Mirror’s Image, Kishin to Monsters, and Imagine My Face all of which are available on Amazon. She promises this is only the beginning for her, as more books are on the horizon. (Write Right PR Services)

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