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Desirée maintaining her father’s legacy with Benn UP!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Benn Up is a local beverage company which is owned by Desirée Benn. The company which is known for its tantalizing rum punch mixture started in 2021 after Desirée received the recipe from her father Richardo Benn who is a trained bartender who over his years in the tourism industry handcrafted his signature cocktail which has led to the creation of the family-oriented business Benn UP.

(From L-R Richardo Benn- the creator of Benn Up's signature Rum Punch and his daughter Desirée Benn.)

In an interview with the media the founder of Benn UP, Desirée Benn said that when she realized that no-one’s rum punch had the flavour her dads had she decided that she should begin a business selling her dad’s rum punch recipes.

“My dad’s rum punch was the first I ever tasted as an adult and since then no rum punch has been able to match up to it in my opinion. So, I decided to start selling it. My dad initially sold it to family and friends but never on a commercial scale. I have decided now is the time for us to begin selling his recipe on a commercial scale as we have a quality product. When I indicated my interest to sell the product commercially, he was supportive of it. He said I have no problem passing the recipe down to you. What is mine is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. One day I hope you can pass the recipe down to your children,” she said.

(Benn UP rum punch is delicious. The rum punch is sold in 750ml. )

Benn who is a former Alexandra School student and social worker said her first experience selling the product was to her cousin who bought some of her product for a cruise they were having on old year’s night a few years ago.

“My cousin ordered some for a friend of hers who was having a cruise for old years night a few years ago and he absolutely loved it! I had been toying with the idea for a while on whether or not to market it as a product and start the business, but the time never seemed right. This year, however, I decided to take the plunge and just do it,” she said.

The owner of Benn UP said that at present their rum punch is sold at Ryan’s Happy Place Grocery Store in Porters, St. James but she is seeking to have the product distributed island-wide. To this end, she is seeking to introduce new flavours.

“While I do not have a physical location at the moment as I am running the business from my home in Rose Hill, St. Peter, I have aimed to make it as easy as possible for persons to conduct business with our company. We offer a pickup service or island-wide delivery. I am also seeking to introduce new flavours as I am already in the planning stages of having some limited-edition bottles,” she said.

(Whether you are enjoying a game of dominoes, or relaxing at home Benn Up is good for you)

Benn said at present her product is sold in 750ml and she is planning to host a product launch dubbed A Summer’s Sunset on 14th August 2021.

“I believe that by having this launch event it would sensitize the public to who we are as a family-oriented business, as well as allow persons to be able to sample our products. Due to COVID-19 the event will be by invitation only, but we invite persons to follow our social media page @bennupbdos in order to follow our launch,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

Benn was also interviewed by veteran broadcaster Pearson Bowen on Mornin', Barbados. Click the link below to watch her interview.

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