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Deejaylinx making his mark as a Deejay

Stefan Deejaylinx Rouse is a twenty-eight-year-old Deejay from Barbados who has a passion for music.

The former student of Deighton Griffith Secondary School who holds certificates in Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing Motor Vehicle Engineering has been creating a name for himself as a popular disc jockey in Barbados playing at many events across the length and breadth of the island.

But how did he become a deejay?

Deejaylinx said that he decided to become a deejay at the age of twenty-years-old following the tragic accident of his brother Christopher Rouse which left him paralyzed.

“In 2014 my little brother Chris had an accident that led my family and I to travel to Miami for his treatment. During that time as my family and I were awaiting the results, I turned to Ultra Music Festival. Hearing and feeling the vibes that the DJs gave off and how the crowd responded to them made me realize that I wanted to give persons that vibe as well in my music. So, I looked up some Deejaying schools and attended Scratch DJ Academy where I learnt to appreciate the art of deejaying,” he said.

The deejay of eight years who has played internationally at the Socialite Bar and Restaurant in Toronto, Zulu International in Barbados as well as Soca On The Hill said that the energy and feeling he gets from a large crowd is undeniable.

“The energy and feeling you get from such a large crowd all enjoying the music and vibes that I can proudly say I brought was a next-level experience. I have also played at Nikki Beach, Lime bar and various other locations in Barbados and the energy that my people give me when I am deejaying is one of my biggest highlights,” he said.

Rouse said he was fortunate to have a mentor DJ Scribbz who assisted him on his Deejaying journey thus he is now becoming a highly requested Deejay and is constantly booked for various premium events in Barbados.

“There have been some challenges that I have faced on my journey and however I was able to overcome any challenges that I have had, and it has helped me grow in the entertainment industry tremendously. However, one of the things I would like to see changed is the way that Deejays are viewed in Barbados. I would also like to see more workshops or competitions for deejays to participate in and challenge their skills and broaden the horizon for the type of music that they play regionally and internationally,” he said.

Deejaylinx had some advice for any young deejays it is for them to not be afraid to put themselves out there and take a chance and find new genres of music. I also invite everyone to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @deejaylinx_. (Write Right PR Services)

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