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Debut Author releases This Is I- My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Chris Enrico Suave St. Hill is the debut author of This Is I- My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends which was released on international publishing platform Amazon on January 8th 2022.

The author who writes under his pseudonym Enrico Suave said that he decided to write his book after his fans on his page would consistently ask him when his book was being released.

“I have a blog called The Misadventures of Suave where I shared my poems with persons who later became fans of my work and they constantly asked me when my book was going to come. Through their persistence, I decided to write the book as I felt it was a part of God’s plan. I also decided to write the book as a gift to them as their persistence is what inspired me to craft the book,” he said.

The former student of The Christ Church Foundation School said he was also inspired by his grandfather to whom he has a tribute for in the book dubbed ‘Dads’.

“My creative juices spewed from my mother who was a craftswoman selling her items in the seaport to ensure her sons didn't want for anything. Who sacrificed for us when faith was all she had in her purse. I was also deeply inspired by my late grandfather who first showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and is the catalyst of my motto "My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends". I was a problem child like Junior in the 90s but through their teachings, it showed me that I can turn my trials into triumphs for not only me but those who read the book as well,” he said.

Enrico Suave who is the Co-host of Oh My Word which is an online open mic that was conceptualized by Keoma Rhyminister Mallet said that the response has been great thus far for his debut book.

“The response has been overwhelming with many persons requesting paper back copies of the book. How did I become co-host of Oh My Word? I was watching the show on Instagram avidly and decided to take a chance to be a feature on the show. I got declined of that opportunity however the opportunity to co-host for one show came up and since then it has been a blessing to be centre stage with the Rhyminster,” he said.

Enrico Suave who has been writing and performing poetry for the past eight years said that he became involved in poetry because it was a way for him to express his deepest thoughts and emotions.

“Back then I figured it could not be only me who feels the way that I do about a wide array of topics. So I shared my life so others can understand that it is not just them as I also feel the same way as well. Poetry is a release for me as I can share my thoughts and feelings and know that there is a community of persons who have the same feelings and thoughts as I do,” he said.

Enrico Suave said that although he has recently released his debut book, he is already working on his second book as he wants to continue writing books for his fans.

As it relates to his debut publication This Is I- My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends he wants readers to see his experiences through their eyes and walk a mile in his shoes to learn that no matter what they have experienced in their life they can learn from their mistakes and make it a learning trend to be more determined, encouraged, and confident in their own journey.

His words of advice for any aspiring author is to not to overthink their work or believe that their work is subpar or underrated as your words may be the words that someone needs to hear in order for them to make it through their day.

Enrico Suave’s advice for aspiring authors is due to him having experienced it firsthand how his work saved someone who was down and out with their struggles and by them reading his work it inspired him to never stop writing poetry because he knows that it can save and inspire others.

On Monday, January 31st 2022, Enrico Suave was featured on Mornin Barbados with his book This Is I- My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends where he was interviewed by veteran broadcaster La Shawna Griffith.

Persons desirous of purchasing his book can order their copy on Amazon by clicking the link below:

THIS IS I: My Mistakes Are My Learning Trends - Kindle edition by Suave, Enrico, Davis, Jamie. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

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