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Deborah Simon seeking to empower and inspire women in business businesswomen

Deborah Simon is a bestselling author whose book The Bigger Picture seeks to inspire and motivate persons to go after their dreams with tenacity.

Simon who is in Barbados to strategize for her upcoming virtual entrepreneurship workshops said when she wrote the book, she wanted to show persons especially women that if she was able to start a business with limited funding so can they, all that they need to do is to have a concrete plan and have faith.

“I have been a business owner for the past eighteen years back then I came across a desolate petrol site and I knew that that was the perfect site, and I went about creating my purposeful day nursery,” she said.

Since developing her nursery in 2004 she has gone on to have multiple businesses and has decided that she wants to share some of her knowledge with female entrepreneurs.

“As women, we need to build an economy that makes us independent. If we build each other up imagine how strong we would be when we unite. I guess what inspired me after having my business is that I want to share my talent with women in Barbados and the rest of the world,” she said.

To this end, she is seeking to host virtual entrepreneurship workshops catered primarily to female entrepreneurs as a way to share some of the tools she has learnt over the years as a successful entrepreneur in the United Kingdom.

“I want to inspire women to be the greatest versions of themselves so they can leave a legacy for their children. Through the workshops women would be able to tap into their purpose and develop it into a physical form for their business,” she said.

Simon who is a University lecturer in Business, business coach and mentor said that mentorship is very important when someone is starting their micro or growing business.

“Having a mentor is key to everyone’s development as you need to have someone that you are accountable to. When you are looking for a coach the best way to establish if that is the right person for you is if that person has a proven track record of success in their own industry,” she said.

The businesswoman said that she is working on a number of projects and seeking to have franchises for her childcare business Simon Says.

“I am committed to developing and franchising the development of children and what better way to do that than with childcare and to help women get on board and develop their own business in the industry. I am passionate about empowering women because when you empower women you transform the lives of their children to a higher and happier place. Her focus is to launch business retreats for female entrepreneurs in various parts of the world primarily in the Caribbean United Kingdom and Europe. To start your own business is such a tremendous success story for us all. I wrote my journey down so I could support women in business, and I am now a best-selling author,” she said.

Female entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming a part of Deborah Simon’s virtual entrepreneurship sessions can email her (Write Right PR Services)

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