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Deanzer continuing to set an example for others to follow

Deanzer Roberts is no stranger to the limelight as she has been a broadcaster for over twenty-five years throughout the region and here in Barbados at Starcom Network before moving into becoming a PR and Marketing Consultant.

Roberts who has an infectious smile and personality is the newly elected President of The Kiwanis Club of Barbados South an organization that has 63 members.

Speaking to the media Deanzer said that she has been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South for six-years as she was invited to a meeting by Distinguished President and District Administrator Zelma Daisley who is now one of her advisors.

But the real catalyst for her becoming a member of the non-governmental organization was her love for children.

“It would have to be my love for children and also my love for the community and volunteering. When you see the glow on the faces of children and those that are not as privileged as you when they receive help, read to them, or interact with them it is priceless,” she said.

The former student of Union Island Secondary and The St Joseph’s Convent Kingston St Vincent said that she has served at various executive positions in the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South and when asked she jumped at the opportunity.

“Kiwanis is a service organization, every year the administration changes. As a Kiwanian, you should always propel yourself for office. I was elected to the post of Director for a few years, I also served as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and in all my six years I served as Chairperson for the International and Public Relations Committee. When I was asked to run for Vice President, I accepted from there I was then President-Elect Designate and on October 1st 2021 I assumed the office of President,” she said.

Roberts is seeking to increase the membership of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South as well as reinstate of one their former Service Leadership Clubs (SLP).

Kiwanis Club of Barbados South now has 63 members. I intend to increase the membership by at least four members. I also intend to reactivate one of our SLP Clubs. We have some members who are not able to attend meetings because of some circumstances and we intend to visit them at least once a month. We do so much as a club, we have a Sunday meal programme that we have been doing for years, Independence Hampers, repairing of schools, building ramps, making donations, but many of these are not often heard of or publicized since in many cases we give not to be seen but because people are in need,” she said.

Roberts said that in her presidency she will also be ensuring that the club has a visible social media presence as well as continues to build on their stellar relationship with the members of the media.

“This year we want more people to know of the good work we have been doing and so we will be more pronounced on social media and in traditional media as well. It is of vast importance to work closely with all clubs in the division and here in Barbados. One very important plan is to ensure that I remain close to members and that we are there for one another, especially with the Covid-19 climate, everyone is going through something. The media has always played an integral role in getting the word out, and I intend to work with them, even more, this year. I have created a local and regional database of media contacts for Kiwanis and will be sharing projects with them so they can attend and also get information from. At this time, I must say thanks to all who have either congratulated or attended events of the club over the years and provided coverage,” she said.

Roberts said that one thing that she is seeking to change in her tenure is the club’s use of information and communication technologies, to allow them to have their regular meetings virtually.

“We are stuck in time and so many are not up to change, with the onset of Covid we are not sure when we can meet face to face. I want to see that enthusiasm that I have seen for years when we meet for fellowship meetings every Tuesday evening. So, although we are all zoomed out, I still want to see and feel the comradery, we do so much when we meet and I know that this is missed, but I still would love to feel the energy when I log on at night. Committee chairs have to come up with programmes that will attract as much interest from people as it did when we were not in that climate that for sure I want to see and with the committee chairs that are serving I am sure that will happen,” she said.

The President-Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South said that despite her life having some hurdles her advice to any person reading this article is to never give up.

“I survived a category 5 hurricane. I was at the mercy of people I have never seen. I was given ten days to survive meningitis. In less than three years I had three major surgeries. Three years ago, I was at QEH battling for my life. Many thanks to those who rose to the occasion and helped especially my former media colleagues. All is not lost. In all things pray, improve your support network. When you feel that you had enough cry out to God, he hears but you have to believe,” she said.

Roberts wishes to thank all of the members of the executive of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South for their unwavering support. (Write Right PR Services)

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