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Danico Addicted to Dance!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Danico Martindale is a modern dance performer, aspiring choreographer, and aspiring cultural professional.

Write Right PR Services is pleased to announce Danico as our Spotlight Artiste for this week.

Q: What is your mantra for life?

A: One day at a time. Face the challenge or problem one day at a time.

Q: Who is Danico Martindale?

A: I am a modern dance performer who has danced on local stages with different dance academies in their showcases. In Barbados I have performed at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) and for CARIFESTA 2017 which was held in his homeland Barbados. I have travelled to Brazil and had the opportunity to perform with a dance company called Backstage in their annual showcase. Danico is currently at the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts- Dance with a minor in Cultural Studies.

Q: You are a professional dancer? How did you become involved in dance and how has the journey been thus far?

A: Professional is a strong word. What I would say is that I would like to get to a professional level. But currently, I am dancing in training. My passion for dance started to linger when I was in 4th form at Queen’s College and I formed an interest in musical theatre.

Q: You have been a part of dance groups that have won awards at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. How does a dancer prepare to enter a competition such as NIFCA?

A: I have been a part of groups that have won awards at NIFCA. How a dancer prepares for the stage is through multiple rehearsals which are the key to a successful stage performance. There is also a mental strategy involved in preparing and that is getting to a place of full creative vulnerability where everything is left on the stage for persons to judge. Whether it is the execution of the choreography or the actual choreography itself.

Q: What was the most memorable dance piece you have performed to date?

A: In 2018, I performed a piece by the award-winning choreographer Olivia Hall entitled Soul Escape at the Barbados Dance Project 5 Showcase. This piece was the most memorable because the choreography was simple yet full of dynamic. The rehearsal process was always enjoyable, and I got to share the stage with ten other amazing dancers. The piece overall felt great to perform and I felt comfortable knowing the choreography was cemented in my mind. Thus, performing was like dancing in my living room alone and anxious free. This piece is still a favourite.

Q: Which choreography did you enjoy the most and why?

A: This is a difficult question. I would have to say it would be Terra which was a choreographed dance I performed in Brazil. It was a piece choreographed by Brazilian choreographer Naedly Franco and it was inspired by the idea of the earth and forming a new life. The modern technique at the base of the choreography is a technique called release technique and it was my first time diving into such technique and I loved every second of the process.

Q: As a male dancer do you think there is a stigma towards male dancers?

A: Definitely. The stigma is most present for male ballet and contemporary dancers. These genres are still highly feminized within the Caribbean and lead to persons questioning male sexuality which is quite problematic. Frankly, male dancers who do other genres such as hip hop, street dance, house, or even afro-centric dance are not heavily faced with having their sexuality scrutinized. The world has been moving in a progressive state when it comes to handling or even removing such stigma.

Q: You would have recently performed with Justin Poleon in is production. Can you describe how that experience was for you?

A: Justin is a mentor and a close friend. I would even go as far and say he is like a brother to me. I look up to him as a dancer as well as a person. Therefore, to be a part of his workshop was an experience nothing short of phenomenal. Honestly, he created an environment for growth, mentorship, and opportunity. The male dancers were challenged and worked harder in terms of conditioning and even quick-paced exhausting choreography. Every day, he would challenge the dancers with something new whether it was running for ten minutes in a circle or implementing a process where we had to pick up choreography super quickly. It was a very long week, but it was very rewarding as I felt as though I was a part of a dance company and dancing with others whom you constantly get along well with. The energy in the space was supporting, hardworking, and exciting. He truly created an unforgettable experience. I cannot wait for the next one.

Q: What is one thing the public would not know about you?

A: I am a pageant coach and have been behind the pageant scene for about five years. I have always been interested in fashion and makeup.

Q: Have you found it challenging not being able to have a face to face dance session due to COVID 19 restrictions?

A: Yes. It has been hard on all creatives. To not be able to use a studio to just create and experiment with music and movement would send someone into an anxious state and such was the case for me. But due to us having a low number of cases, dancers have been able to go face and face classes and get back to what matters the most. So that is definitely a blessing.

Q: What is one lesson you have learned from COVID 19?

A: Appreciate and be grateful for the present which may sound cliché but appreciating the present is super important because we sometimes get caught up in the past or the future and forget to be grateful for the blessings happening to us at present. Before COVID 19 many dancers took going to the studio for granted, I did as well, but now each time I go to the studio I am thankful.

Q: What advice would you have for any young dancer?

A: Put yourself out there and train vigorously. This art form like many others does not come easily, therefore, if you have a passion for dance, commit to it, and trust the process.

Q: Where can persons find you on social media?

A: Persons can follow me on instagram@_lowkey_addicted. (LG)

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