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Da’s Tasty!

Alicia Das is a humble and energetic mother of three who is passionate about catering. She said the decision to open her catering business Da’s Tasty located in Grazettes, St Michael occurred when she lost her job in 2018 at a leading retail institution.

“The decision to open a catering business came about when I lost my job at a leading Retail institution on the island and the thought I once had of becoming a caterer came back to me because it was a passion I always had whether it was hosting a barbecue, pool party or selling at the busy Crop Over Festival. However, I knew I wanted to become a caterer from back in 2008 when I would host various events and serve persons” she said.

The former Parkinson Memorial Student and graduate of the Barbados Community College said that at her business she enjoys enhancing and intensifying the flavours of Barbadian vegetables and meats in order to produce a delicious dish.

“At Da’s Tasty we enhance flavours for example to intensify the flavour of meat, poultry, and fish we use high heat cooking techniques such as pan-searing, grilling, or broiling which help to brown meat and add flavors plus we use a lot of natural herbs and spices. I am passionate about food and my catering business because, unlike a restaurant, it’s not just a protein, a starch, and a vegetable on the plate and how quickly I can get it on the table. At Da's Tasty we are creating restaurant quality and style food in a large format. So, it’s taking all the passion that I have for food, flavors, textures, plating—all those things that I love doing and pairing it with a strong logistical and operational mindset as to how to get it done,” she said.

(Image of her BBQ pigtail with her special honey BBQ sauce)

Das who was a former island fitness competitor also sells immune boosters to help persons improve their immune system-especially as the country continues to grapple with COVID-19.

“I decided to sell immune Boosters because I was looking to add more value to Da’s Tasty, but I didn’t want to do something everyone one was doing as it relates to juices, so I decided on natural boosters plus I believe in keeping fit and eating healthy as I was once a fitness competitor,” she said.

The qualified Event Planner said she is passionate about providing excellent customer service and great food to her customers.

“I am passionate about customer service because I think friendliness and a personable attitude when dealing with customers would go a long way. Treating people with respect is a plus for me in any type of business because that leaves an invitation for a customer to return plus I always want to leave a positive impression of my business,” she said.

Das said that one of the highlights of her career thus far has been seeing persons salivate over her scrumptious meals.

“Some of the highlights during my journey as a caterer is how customers react when they taste my food. The responses are overwhelming, and it makes me feel really good to know that I am delivering excellent products. Customers would tell me the food is really good and that I am the bomb. I get a lot of good reviews that they are too many to mention, as the responses are really good as persons always say they can taste all of the herbs. I have a lot of requests for my BBQ Sauce. I always get great reviews for my food, one of the best reviews was from Collins Limited, as they thoroughly enjoyed the food, I prepared for them when they were doing their stock taking. I love to know that I put a smile on my customers' faces because as long as they are satisfied, I am as well,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)

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