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Coppin opens her palace!

Shaneel Coppin is the owner of Ney's Palace_246 which is an online clothing and beauty store.

The former student of The Lester Vaughan School said that she decided to become an entrepreneur after she was scrolling online and saw someone offering similar items.

“I decided to become an entrepreneur as I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across a page that was selling items and I told myself I would give it a try. My boyfriend at the time was also encouraging me to start something on my own so that I could provide for my daughter. So, what he did was to order lashes and then the business grew from there. The business is up and down but recently I have gotten some positive attention on social media since I have engaged persons to become my brand ambassadors,” she said.

The owner of Ney’s Palace_246 which can be found on Instagram @ney’s palace_246 said that in order to boost her business she reached out to them as they have over 10k followers on Instagram to promote her business and she has been seeing an increase in demand since engaging two influencers.

“I decided to have brand ambassadors because both of them are beautiful young ladies that have a huge following on social media. I decided to ask them if they wanted to be a part of our business and they gladly said yes. I must say that since working with them it has improved my brand as I am seeing an increase in customers, ” she said.

Coppin who started her business a mere six months ago said that her bestselling items are lashes, jewellery, and hoodies for the men. Despite the slow sales at times, she is not discouraged as customers have been eager to get a hoodie from her company.

“The one item that my customers like are my hoodies which come in various patterns and colours. These one-of-a-kind hoodies will defiantly make a fashion statement to anyone who wears them,” she said.

The twenty-four-year-old mother of one had some words of advice for any young person seeking to start their own business.

“To any young person out there seeking to start your own business remember to have patience, keep the faith and understand that things will get tough and may not always work out the way you had intended but with hard work and consistency you will reach your goal and so much more,” she said.

To order any of the items from her business she advises persons to place a pre-order due to her overwhelming demand by contacting her at 830-0769.

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