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Bowen represents Barbados on international kickboxing stage

Twenty-four-year-old Kobe Bowen may not have won the Flex Fights Series, which was held in Stereo Garden, Patchogue, New York on October 8th, 2022, but he has won the hearts of many Barbadians who are proud to have had him represent them on an international stage.

Bowen a former student of The St. Leonard’s Boys School said he was pleased with the amount of support he has been receiving since returning from the USA.

“I feel amazing to have represented Barbados and to be the main event. It was definitely an honour to be on a world-class stage and show them what we in Barbados are capable of. The road to the fight was both a long and a great learning process as I learnt how to prepare for the media, how to respond to my fans whilst staying on top of my game as I prepared for my big day,” he said.

Bowen who had defeated Joshua Oxendine in a professional bare-knuckle fight April 17th, 2021, said that while he wanted to bring home the title for Barbados his component was better on match night.

“ I competed against American fighter Rick Schafer. Although I had a solid game plan that was very precise my opponent was equal in both preparation and mindset. I had a slight leg injury prior, and the opponent was able to capitalize and thus winning the match. Despite the loss I feel really proud of myself as I did my best, I stuck to the game plan and now with the experience under my belt I can be even more prepared for my next fight,” he said.(Write Right PR Services)

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