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Bowen kickboxing his way to success!

Kobe Bowen is a professional fighter and the owner of KB Kickboxing, which is located in Powerhouse Studios, Webster’s Industrial Park, St Michael.

Bowen who is a former student of The Saint Leonard’s Boy’s School and a national kickboxing athlete said that he initially became involved in kickboxing due to his fascination with fighting.

Caption: Kobe Bowen is a professional fighter and the owner of KB Kickboxing.

“Growing up I was always intrigued by the world of fighting and as I grew in my career, I knew I wanted it to be a part of my life as I pushed forward as this is something I love. So, I created what is now my journey as a fallback plan initially if I got injured or had to fall back. That way I could continue in the art that shaped me into what I am today,” he said.

The professional fighter who has won gold in New York in the Sanda Kickboxing League said that his business which he has been operating for three years promotes holistic health due to his understanding of the need to be fit and active as exercise and training are unique to kickboxing. Thus, he enjoys seeing his clients push past their limits and watching their physical and mental growth.

“If I had to choose some highlights of my career, I would have to say it would be fighting in Trinidad and having Herb Dean as the official referee as well as competing in my first ever bare-knuckle boxing match. Although it was a bit outside of my element, I was able to do so amongst the many other known UFC fighters thus it truly was an hour,” he said.

Bowen said kickboxing is growing in Barbados as a lot more persons are willing to learn and appreciate the art form. However, he noted that one of his challenges would have been teaching persons the difference between boxing and kickboxing.

“To teach persons the differences between kickboxing and boxing has proved a bit of a challenge, especially with the changing demographics but I have found breaking down the concept has helped greatly and has allowed for the amazing growth of KB Kickboxing,” he said.

The businessman and professional athlete's advice for any young persons reading this article are that to be successful all starts in the mind as it is not how you start but how you finish.

To learn more about Bowen’s business you can follow him on Instagram at @k.b_ kickboxing_. (Write Right PR Services).

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