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Babb has the Islandlinkz

Lindsay ‘DJ Fiba’ Babb is the owner of Islandlinkz a company that has an online radio station, a bar as well as a signature rum punch.

Babb said that through a friend he was taught how to operate an online radio station and after learning the artform he decided that he wanted to use his platform to help unrecognized artiste.

“I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea and at that time there was a site he was on that was doing online radio and he taught me how to do it. I was always interested in playing on the radio, not for fame but because I believe that there was a lot of music out there that should have been played that wasn’t played because of whatever reason in mainstream radio play. I sought to help the younger artist I knew had good songs but because of whatever reason, they could not make it on mainstream radio. I tried to close the gap and put good music out there,” he said.

Babb who has been a DJ for over thirty years said that his experience as a DJ has been great as he has had the opportunity to play alongside Chi Littes who had a popular hit Have You Seen Her. He has also played alongside Ed Robinson who has the hit single Knocking On Heavens Door as well as featured international DJ’s from Canada and the United States of America on his online radio station.

“I have been a DJ for just over 30 years and the experience has been great. You get to meet a lot of people- a lot of great people and I would consider my music career to be very successful. I am not saying it is successful in terms of finances but in terms of the people I have gotten the privilege to meet and the places I have gotten to go to over the years,” he said.

The host of the online radio station IslandLinkz said that one of the highlights of his career thus far is seeing everything that he wanted to achieve come to fruition.

“The highlight of my career thus far is being able to do the things that I really wanted to do like the rum punch, bar and the online radio but it doesn’t end there as I have a lot of stuff coming,” he said.

Outside of being a successful DJ and host of his online radio show Island Linkz Babb also is the creator of his signature blue rum punch.

“The blue rum punch came about after I created the first two- The Old Time Mix and The Coconut. I wanted to do something different in rum punch to push rum punch a bit further. From my research, there was no particular way to make it nor no particular colour, so I created one to make it colourful and to push the boundaries,” he said.

The owner of Islandlinkz said as an entrepreneur his main purpose is to create things persons can enjoy so that he leaves a stellar legacy behind even after his death.

“The things I create are not for me they are for the people to enjoy. So, when I go, I would like people to still be enjoying the things that I have done. It is a long-term thing. Everything I do people are involved- the bar, the rum punch, and the online station. Nothing I do is for my personal benefit it is for the benefit of people that is why I do what I do,” he said.

To listen to his online radio station click the link below: (Write Right PR Services)

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